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  1. That's brilliant. He's a lovely man and highly respected.
  2. I couldn't believe how many turned up for him. It was a lovely service RIP George. ---------- Post added 30-05-2014 at 19:59 ---------- It was on tonights calendar news
  3. The playground was great. Did you ever see the old rocking horses inside the school?
  4. Some lovely memories of that school. My dad was the caretaker there in the 70s we lived in the house at the other end of the playground.
  5. The person that gives me a lift to and from work won't accept any payment towards petrol costs. I would love to be able to buy petrol vouchers once in a while to show my appreciation. They have vouchers for everything else but does anywhere sell petrol vouchers?
  6. The Works on the Moor have them, there's 15 assorted colours in a tub. £1.49.
  7. Thank you for the cage and all the extras.
  8. Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right section. My son (adult) has had a bad cold for a couple of weeks. He said his left ear felt as though it had water in it and he couldnt hear as well as normal. The doctor said it could be an infection caused by the cold and prescribed antibiotics, he has been taking them for a week now but the symptoms are still there. My son went on the internet and read this could cause permanent damage to the ear and cause deafness. Has anyone else on here had the same symptoms as my son, and has there been any permanent damage to hearing? I hope someone can reassure him and me and even give some advice. Thanks in advance.
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