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  1. Hiya, my name is Adele Hawnt and I use to live in Sheffield, I left to go to the US in 96 and now live in Ireland. I was wondering if there are any other Hawnt's on this forum? Get in touch if there are. x I also wanted to let them know that we have a family member singing on the BBC1's new show called All Together Now... her name is Rachael Hawnt. Pop over and give her a like and leave an encouraging comment if you can. Just google Rachael Hawnt singing Alone by Heart on the BBC1's show called 'All Together Now'. Alternatively, I did a blog post about her, you'll hopefully find it if you google touchofcinnamon. If this sort of post isn't allowed, just delete. Thanks.
  2. Cheers Joey. Time to go watch some TV. Thanks for replying and the info. Night.
  3. Hahaha! Then I definitely don't want it. Incidentally, are you now a millionaire? *Furrow brow and looks accusingly* There use to be another family of Hawnts in the area, I think they lived in the Stannington area. I guess it could have been a relative of theirs. Thank you for replying. I'm still intrigued as to who the other people are in the thread.
  4. Hiya Joey, where did you live when the post for Mr A Hawnt came to you? Obviously, I'm not a Mr but now I'm wondering if the mail was meant for me. You never know, maybe it was my millions :-D. Intrigued as to who everyone is on here. Adele
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