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  1. Hello all, I have a 54 plate C2 that has a flashing engine light, and reduced power. I took it to my local garage and the error is something to do with injector 1. I know it might not be worth my money fixing it, but I would like someone to give it a look over and see how much it would cost. Everything else about the car works fine, it has good fuel efficiency and is cheap to run. Does anyone know a good garage that has experience with Citroen engines that might be able to look over it? Thank you wonderful people in advance!
  2. Hi, I am looking to help out on a fairly ad hoc basis on an allotment in the woodhouse area. I am currently working as a park ranger, and have plenty of experience with everything from weeding to treeline management and livestock. I have helped out on allotments before and done some volunteering at a local organic farm. I am happy to give my time (and kitchen scraps) for the experience and some good vege. Drop me a message if you are interested, Alice
  3. Hi, Thanks for the tip on the raw cows milk. Do you know of anywhere that does raw goat milk? As much as my kefir will thrive on both cow and goat, I sadly cannot :'(.
  4. Hi all, On a similar vein, does anyone know a local farm that sells raw goat milk? I understand the pro's and cons of using it so am not looking to get into debates at this point in time. If possible I don't want to buy it off the internet as I would rather support a local business and be able to visit the farm and check on the health of the animals myself. Also if anyone is interested in trying kefir, I have some culture going spare that I am happy to share! Thank guys,
  5. Hi, Just to update. I have some goat kefir on the go if anyone is interested just message me!
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some general advice on how to survive the social interactions of the work place. I often have brain to mouth glitches and end up saying something ridiculous to either my supervisors or coworkers. If anyone has any knowledge on: 1) Anything that has helped you as a person with the 'quirks' of autism in the workplace. 2) Any general advice on how to behave in a office/professional environment, any books or guides (or even flowcharts or spreadsheets). 3) Any specific guides aimed to help autistic adults in the workplace. Thank you very much. Equally anything useful that I find I will post here.
  7. Hi, I am looking to get some English teaching experience with organisations around Sheffield. I currently work for Rotherham council and would be looking to help out on my days off. I hold a 120 hr TEFL and have some experience teaching both adults and children in English as well as maths and science. If anyone has any tips I would be grateful! Thank you for your time, Alice
  8. Hi everyone, I have really started getting into brewing these delicious slightly alcoholic natural fizzy drinks. Unlike traditional brewing you don't need to sterilise, it doesn't take long to brew, it can be really simple to start up, and you can use the same culture for making something that taste like beer, fruity beer, or almost wine. The culture I use has many names, from Tibicos, to California bees, beer bees, and water kefir. To brew something you just add a pouch full of the starter culture to whatever you are brewing add some minerals a slice of lemon leave it for up to three days then bottle. You keep the culture and get to use it again, it grows so you can brew more in time. You can brew any natural sugar source as long as it isn't too acidic, things like grape juice, cranberry juice, mashed bananas, coconut water, apple juice, berry juice, or simply sugar dissolved in water. A few things to note: These are bio-live drinks, they will get more bitter over time and will turn to vinegar after a few weeks. It doesn't matter how much sugar you put in, you don't eat the sugar the microbes do, if you add less sugar you will kill the microbes. It isn't strongly alcoholic, unlike standard brewing you aren't just using one type of microbe that produces mainly alcohol, these cultures contain both yeasts and bacteria to produce a whole range of nutrients, including b-vitamins. I also brew kombutcha - fermented tea. I do also have some reusable dairy fermenting culture if you want to make some unique yoghurt! They are bio live so can help to improve anything from digestion to mood and certain mental health conditions. I make no guarantee, there is some science behind this, but it's not well understood yet. If you are interested please PM me, I am happy to share my knowledge, experience and cultures.
  9. Hi, I am an energetic animal lover looking to volunteer as a dog walker. Please PM me for my availability. Thanks, Alice
  10. Hello all, I have water and milk kefir grains, as well as a kombutcha mother. If anyone is wanting a few spoons of cultures or advice on brewing please drop me a line. Also if anyone is interested in taste testing some of the things I have brewed I would be happy to hear from you! Thanks, Alice
  11. Are there any autism positive groups in sheffield? Or places where there are high functioning autistics who can help struggling autistics. I have a mix of ADHD and autism and have come up with a few interesting coping mechanisms of my own and was wandering if there is anyone who wants to idea swap. Thanks all, Alice
  12. Hello all, I am currently brewing Kombutcha and (milk) Kefir. I have plenty of mothers to spare if people are interested in trying it for themselves. From time to time I will have other interesting fermented products from, water Kefir to sour dough starters. If you have any questions regarding the care of your cultures, or anything else then please feel free to ask!
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