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  1. Perhaps he can come and work with me then because our place his overrun with them.I find dead ones and live ones.A whack with a shovel usually does the trick.
  2. Thanks for not letting me down with your response.:)I wont be responding to any of your posts anymore.
  3. Unfortunately you will find that a lot of normal working class sheffielders will not share your same views.The problem is that you dont seem to understand why a working class person would support trump or brexit and that is because you have a wealthy middle class lifestyle and live a life as far removed from the lifestyle that I and others have that our priorities in life are somewhat different to yours.When we see immigrants coming in to Britain all we can see is our jobs being challenged and more stresses on the NHS and services.You may not need the NHS you may go private I dont know.Over the time that I have been on this forum I have realised that you think you know better than most of us.You are clearly an intelligent person which may be a reason that you have an intolerance of people who are not.Hats off to you if you are helping the kids in your own time and for free but not if its your job.Try understanding the working class instead of just despising them.Too many left wing liberalists seem to dislike the working class people of the western world.We are human beings but just think differently and behave differently to you.Maybe its because you spend no time with working class people like me and I do not spend anytime with middle class people like you.Your superiority complex that you seem to display is one of the reasons that I spend so little time on this forum which is a shame because this forum could be good.
  4. I got a job from one of those schemes and still have.I did leave school with o levels as well though,i am sure that helped me.
  5. I suffer with mild aspergers and I work in sales but I am the worst salesman ever.I dont like ripping people off and as such I earn a lot less commission than others do.I hate the fact that some of my colleagues brag when they have ripped somebody off.
  6. Its difficult trying to watch old comedy shows on UK gold because there are so many edits in them that it makes some of them unwatchable.The two ronnies,allo allo,porridge,even hi de hi have punch lines deleted.I just buy the box sets on dvd instead,managed to get a love thy neighbour box set a couple of years ago which is unedited and just as it was shown in the seventies.Highly controversial show in modern Britain but was a highly popular show in the seventies topping viewing figures all the time.Made household names of the brilliant actors Rudolph Walker and Jack Smethurst.
  7. I had one run out in front of me at Ewden this morning on my way to work.
  8. All modern comedy is unfunny and crap.Comedy seems to consist of a series of foul language with the odd shock comment put in for good measure.The comedy club at the city hall is terrible.i have had more laughs at funerals.I just watch all my old comedy dvds and boxsets from the seventies,eighties and nineties.A bit of black adder,bottom,the goodies,it aint half hot mum,only fools and horses, beats all the modern stuff every time. ---------- Post added 14-06-2018 at 21:19 ---------- Oh and Father Ted,my absolute favourite.
  9. Wow,you are a serious lot on here.Seriously, does it matter what Morrisey thinks.
  10. 'Panic'.Morrisey says something that upsets people and 'heaven knows he's miserable now'.'What difference does it make' what an ageing indie rocker thinks,there are worse things happen, a 'boy with a thorn in his side' and somebody might have a 'girlfriend in a coma'.Chill and just pretend that 'everyday is like sunday'.
  11. Just looked up what the Peddlers Market is,looks like fun for the young but I think I am a bit too old for it nowadays..
  12. You cant knock the company for making money out of gullible idiots who are prepared to buy them.I might sew all my old undies to the front of some pairs of jeans.I guarantee I would get some idiot willing to buy them at 200 pound a pair if they thought it was fashion.
  13. Could it also be a fact that in many marriage break ups that it is the man who is frequently likely to find themselves homeless while still paying a mortgage or rent for his wife and children to live in.I know a couple of lads that found themselves in this situation.In both cases they were not the adulterers.
  14. On another note I also drive everyday but never seem to end up blocking junctions or getting stranded in box junctions.A lack of awareness and attention is usually to blame,but it is annoying if you keep missing your turn when the lights are on green because a car is blocking the junction.I have given a few hand signals to drivers who have blocked my passage at junctions just through not paying attention to the road.
  15. You only have to take this forum for example to realise that its perfectly normal for modern Britain.
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