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  1. Bass player, ageing disgracefully. Mostly into heavy rock, but I can get on with rock of any kind, I just like songs/tunes that go somewhere, from Anthrax to, er, Beethoven. I can sing, but only if I have really practiced and had plenty of sleep. Anyway, I have bass, amp, speaker, transport and I'm old enough to know many of the songs you're thinking of. I'm a decent enough player if I can get some time to practice. Done a couple of gigs with friends who have jobs and families and no time to do more. PM me if you're desperate enough.
  2. I'm old, 61 now, so I may not suit your profile. I usually play a 5-string bass and have my own amp, speaker and transport. Also a spare 4-string, just in case! I'm retired, so I can practice daytimes as much as needed, which currently isn't much, so I'm rusty. Can't offer you much, I'm still at beginner level in my own opinion, I enjoy 12-bar blues, (Deep Purple's lazy - mmmm!) but I can play anything simple. Getting a bit of arthritis occasionally, so anything fast is out no matter how much practice I get. I have done a couple of gigs with some friends, but they have families and jobs and we just haven't had the opportunities since then. Get back to me if you like, I come on here every couple of weeks to look. Neil
  3. I'm a "mature" bassist, looking for a band. Retired teacher, I can play along with almost anything, although warning me in advance so I can practice is really useful. I don't do effects pedals. I use a 5-string bass and have my own transport. Neil
  4. Sorry about that, RJMahan, yes, of course, no link. Obviously I apologise wholeheartedly. I think the big problem would still be not having much money to start with. And it's gambling, to which we generally have objections in our family. I bought a car with the money I saved by not doing the lottery every week.
  5. Ok, thank you, everyone, topic closed as far as I'm concerned, he's still looking, though. And if the stock market comment was serious, remember the old dictum: "How do you make a small fortune on the stock market? Start with a big fortune."
  6. Thank you for the suggestions, everyone, he's still looking, but there is a lesson in it for him and me, he's got to realise that applying for more jobs can get you more chance, more offers of interviews. I've got to let go and just remind him that he has got abilities and qualifications that somebody wants. And it helps to get onto the employment agencies, they have a big interest in getting the right person into a job. He's got more potential interviews coming up.
  7. Thank you bargeboard, if only he'd try it, but he tends to say "I'm not qualified" Pattricia, good points. Good luck with the boys, too. The lad's got an interview with a bank for a customer service job, tomorrow, that would be great if he manages to get it.
  8. Thank you, tinfoilhat, hadn't thought of London. Not in a nice way, anyway!
  9. Thank you, halibut. He's got enough money to go to Moscow again, having already been twice to stay with his girlfriend. I deliberately left out some details, in the interest of broader suggestions. I see your point, I did something similar, working in a shop mending hifi, then computers, moved on to bigger companies because of a lucky break and people who saw what I could do, finally I retrained as a teacher. I just don't like to see him fed up with his current circumstances and I want to help, if I can. And Jim, thanks for that! Made me smile.
  10. My son has a job, but it's rubbish and he's capable of better. The job centre weren't much help, he's not actually unemployed. A national employment agency didn't seem interested, didn't ask about qualifications. He doesn't have a degree, nor enough A levels to start one. (A level maths and AS physics.) It's October, so too late to start many educational courses this year, besides, he's 21. He speaks some Russian, but no other foreign languages. He doesn't want to do a Tesol trainer course (I don't know why), or a degree (too costly, might need foundation year, 1.5 A level not enough), nor work in Sainsbury's/Tesco (not a big jump/not a career/no branch in Moscow...) I'm retired, so I'm a bad example. Any suggestions? Blue-sky thinking welcomed, we/I have thought of many options, but he might receive them better from an external agency, who could be more "neutral observers". And I'd welcome new ideas or "where to go" / ""these guys can help" etc. Offers of employment for a smart lad with high numeracy skills also welcome.
  11. Picky, I know, but sort out the difference between advice and advise. For some customers, getting the spelling wrong just grates and they look away. If you disagree, ignore me. Your prerogative.
  12. I know nothing about this sort of thing, but maybe it would be cheap to get a company to print over the logo. Or I could nip round with a spray can. Something indelible, like auto spray paint? Or stencil "deleted" or "rubbish" over the badge, same way? Perhaps a bunch of related words, "rubbish", "surplus", "scrap", then into the charity shop. Maybe it could start a fashion, let's face it, there have been stranger fashions - torn jeans, shabby chic, VW badges, purple hair, flapper styles, the bustle......
  13. There is usually more cover needed in the Spring and Summer, Autumn term is lousy, the teachers are as fit as they can be, after 6 weeks off. By February, their lives could have changed completely, illness, pregnancy, secondments, promotions etc. I found it was worth avoiding the agencies if possible, they charge a commission to schools. Try to go direct, if you can, the school should also pay into TPS. One booking leads to another, in my experience, and sometimes you are stood in front of the "cover" person when she/he is thinking about their next opening. One friend of mine came in on supply when I had my heart attack, she is an excellent teacher and is still there 7 years later. Generally in secondary schools, they have a few full-time cover supervisors, generally internally trained, aware of that school's ethos, hierarchy, management procedures, daily routines and troublemakers. These can be booked and often become teachers immediately after these posts. No idea what primary do. I retired early a couple of years ago, now I just get invigilation and exam marking, BUT I am not looking for supply, teaching was too stressful. As far as invigilation goes, you can get long days during mock season, as schools try to get all the mock Y12 or Y13 into one week. Invigilation does not pay well, usually minimum wage, occasionally a little above.
  14. When you say "I have a book", people will need to know what form it's in. Sheets of paper? A tape? Your memory and notes? How big is it? I think you mentioned 250 pages, or somebody did. You mustn't be too vague, people will want to know how much work they are taking on. And what's it about? If it involves specialist topics, you may need a technical typist, as do doctors and lawyers. Finally, if you want/need it proof-reading and/or copy-editing, you'll need someone who can do that. There's nothing wrong with spelling mistakes and homophones, as long as they don't get in the way of meaning or ruin the flow of the content. "Waver" and "waiver" are good examples, as is "psid u lode." I can do you the proof-reading or copy-editing, but I'm not a particularly fast typist.
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