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  1. I remember Anthony Crane from Lydgate Lane School
  2. Did you go go to Lydgate Lane School? I don't think I recall anyone from Tasker Road what was your name?
  3. Thanks for reply,where did you live in Sheffield? Have just read 1959 Kelly's Directory Truswell Avenue,amazing
  4. Hello,I've just joined. Lived Truswell Avenue 1950s. The lorry at the top was Mr Butterworth's,his daughter Enid was my friend. Had great fun hiding behind that lorry,especially when you were called to go to bed. I remember the Masons,McInallys,Olivers Martins lived at the bottom. There weren't many cars and we had lots of freedom to run around.At Lydgate Lane school I remember Carol Young,Carole Marsh,Lorraine Birkinhead from Cross Lane. Timothy Reed,David Jameson,Jane West,Anita Harris,Ernest Pike from Northumberland. Jill Hoyland,Katherine Ellis,and the first coloured child I'd met,Anthony Crane. It was very cold not like the schools now,and we walked everywhere,no one took us there and back in a car.
  5. I remember air raid shelters,I was at the school 1956-59 Also remember the Zion building behind the school,if you went up the metal steps you'd find a room with equipment inside
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