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  1. Is turkey still riddled with corruption as it was when we last visited when just about everything in the shops clothing and footwear wise was counterfeit? The camp commandant of the army tented barracks even hired out the troops to the hotels whilst he pocketed the money. And the latest corruption:- officials turning a blind eye for backhanders from people traffickers.
  2. Cyprus is an excellent holiday destination particularly the Paphos region, car hire is reasonable, they drive on the same side of the road as we do. we've been going every year since 1998 and served there with the army in 1966/7. You can pick up 7 nights self catering for around £230 pp We pick a car up at the airport and leave it there when we leave, we save £90 on transfers so we end up paying £65 for the week. There are so many places of interest so a map of the island is beneficial. We go half board so that we are not tied to the hotel mealtimes and pop adown the road for an all day breakfast. In the summer the night life is good with ample entertainment in the downtown bars. Although near the middle east there is a strong British military presence in Cyprus, the east of the island the Ayia Nappa region is the lager lout resort.
  3. We even put newspapers between the blankets in the winter, mind you it made a rustling sound when you turned over.
  4. I joined up in 1962 you got 2 blankets, two Sheets, two Pillow cases. The blankets had 3 lines down the middle so that you could get them central. In the winter we put our great coat on the bed as an extra Blanket.
  5. There were German POWs there as well, my late Grandfather had one for tea in Walkeley.
  6. The Muslims don't need any publicity regarding their brutality, it's out in the open for everyone to see or are you like one of those who looked the other way when the Nazis were on the rise with their disgusting brutality in the 1930s. Radical Muslims are running amok with terrorism every day or are you still looking the other way. ---------- Post added 19-01-2017 at 22:45 ---------- Exactly, the trouble is the race card is played by the delusioned at every opportunity.
  7. So we went in to the EU at a time when North Sea Oil & Gas were in full flow. We were promised a new golden age of prosperity. What did we get in the 70s? Record inflation, high interest rates and our PM going to borrow money from the world bank. So if things were real (as if they Were) once we leave the EU things should pick up, in the meantime can I have my North Sea Oil & Gas cheque?
  8. Anyone know when I'll receive my cheque for joining the EU in the first place?
  9. I worked on the Hallamshire Hospital, travelling up the outside of the building in a contractors lift.
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