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  1. Yeah, still looking for people. Have you read the links posted within the thread? They should give you a good idea of what to expect. Still looking for more people to join, will keep you updated. Let me know what kind of toon you'd like to play. ps knowing your class and character pays off ---------- Post added 29-04-2017 at 11:12 ---------- ---------- Post added 29-04-2017 at 11:14 ---------- Stats explained ---------- Post added 30-04-2017 at 11:08 ---------- Have a look at some classes, here is the direct explanation of such as per dnd's wizard
  2. DnD Thread, starting a new game on City Road @ Park Library Centre.
  3. Looking for a few good nerds or n00bs interested in starting a 3.5 / Pathfinder campaign. Please post if interested here. We would have access to one of the rooms in the centre, and may have to work around their hours. All of this is to be figured out and decided once we have a few people to play with. Please post here if interested or require more information. New characters & Old characters welcome Starting at level 4 Hoping to meet weekly If you do not know how to make a character there are lots of 3.5e / Pathfinder guides online, or feel free to get in touch and one can be fashioned for you. ---------- Post added 11-04-2017 at 14:05 ---------- Would like a bit more info on the game type? Please read this if interested: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Dungeons-and-Dragons
  4. You can always share pictures on websites like https://postimage.org and then use their "thumbnails for forums" link in the post, it will show a thumbnail and also give a link to see the image larger in their own website, it is how they manage to pay for the hosting. It is best if you have your images scaled down a bit, easier to upload and for viewers on the user side to download. Oh, and just so you know, this image is using a wide F-stop with low light and a tripod. I think the ISO wasn't too high, otherwise you'd see a bit of what we call noise in the image, or a sort of texture. Anyhow, this is just an example of low light, wide f-stop (low f-stop number, probably like 3.5, 1.8 would show the background even blurrier/out of focus), and an ISO at about 800 or so. I hope this helps. Thanks for the positive comments, I'll share more if I find more interesting ones lying about. ---------- Post added 14-11-2016 at 22:26 ---------- In contrast this image is taken with a small f-stop (f 22 or so, I know, counterintuitive), the day happened to be a bit overcast, but with enough light to get everything in the picture. Granted, it has taken a bit of post editing, but just look at how the foreground seems to be almost on the same plane as the background, this is caused because the focal point is much wider than on a wide fstop (think wide f-stop short focal area and short fstop wide focal area). What happens also is that you can get to a certain point where your lens will focus everything from a certain distance on to infinity. This helps to shoot with a 1.8 fstop in darker days if you are aiming to have the whole background show up. It is all tricks of the trade, to be quite frank with you. I would almost say this image is 1.8 fstop, but the foreground is in focus as is the house in the background, usually you would have a bit of the foreground out of focus if you happen to be shooting the ground the way this shot is taken. Hope this makes sense.
  5. Well, this isn't something that can be answered so easily. I think you need to do a bit of digging on your own, but I can tell you what to look for and that may help, eh? If you want to take photographs of fast action like sports, you may want to look into a camera where you can control the F-Stop/Number, the ISO, and the Shutter Speed. When you have access to all three of these you are able to reach the zenith of the triforce that is ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-Stop. Light is what you are trying to capture, and in order to do so in certain locations you'll need to be able to have a high enough ISO with an F-Stop open wide enough, and a shutter speed just right so that you don't get a shaky image. When I studied I had to do EVERYTHING in Manual, but there are certain modes a camera can have which I think are pretty helpful. Like Aperture (f-stop) priority, or shutter priority modes. These basically let you only worry about the one or the other along with the ISO, while the camera does the rest. It is better when you are in a fast passed situation like Table Tennis or sports in general. Basically, you'll need a camera that lets you play with all of these. I would recommend something like a small nikon with a back screen, those are pretty nice and let you play around enough to get the sense of the thing, or if you want to get dirty, diving in with a digital SLR that has a decent size sensor, with a fixed lensor "prime lens", perhaps a 35mm or 50mm to start with. You can usually get a pretty open F-stop with those (1.8 at least) and that helps a lot with helping your camera operate with speed. There is a lot to do with cameras, but I would recommend reading something on the subject first to really get to grips with what you are doing. There is a book I picked up for the hell of it, it is called "Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs" by Henry Carroll. For me it was a sort of brush up on stuff every photographer should know, but I can see it being very helpful for beginners. I found it recently in the upstair Museums' little shop at Central Library. Well, I didn't tell you what camera to buy, but I think now you have an idea of what to look for! —A camera that can reach a high ISO —A lens which can operate at wide F-Stops would be preferable (at the very least 1.8 but can be higher or up to 25) —A decent Sensor —check out the battery life —make sure you have enough space for your pictures —have fun. The whole point is trial and error, don't be afraid to take pictures. I hope this helped. Post some pics when you're there!
  6. where may I find a decent duffel/duffle bag? Not online, need it soon for an unexpected move.
  7. I may not be as green as you say, but I'd be happy to join and enjoy company just the same.
  8. I don't like that you have to be online in order to use siri, it should be on my mac, especially when it comes to tasks like "show me all the files I've recently opened" or something of the sort. I feel lied to and used.
  9. Are there any people who study the language and would like to get together to practice/learn?
  10. DOH! You know what I meant though, that's what matters. It still is about the recycling of the cake and using it over instead of letting it go to "waste," that is the most important bit I feel. ---------- Post added 14-10-2016 at 17:21 ---------- Battery disposal is costly and toxic, the electricity is still coming from fossil fuels. I mean, the whole thing is as stated previously in the thread, present technology. Heck, lets get real and call it what it is. It is almost 200 years old! Just shy by about 14 years, but when you start getting at the age of 184 years, I guess it is alright to round up a bit. Let us stop fooling ourselves, this amazing tech is regurgitated and resold. We keep this whole idea of how we can make the internal combustion engine better, and that is grand and all, but it is getting to be old tech as well, it should be expanded on, if not we are going to run out of that juice we use to fuel it. Needless to mention that using crop grown fuels is not going to work either, we need that land to grow food, human fuel. There should be more singularities in the tech, people expanding on new ideas, it is detrimental for growth and expansion to have only a handful of magnates researching and making "strides." I am not the bearer of those ideas we need (not that I would let you know until I patent it!), but I do wish to expand on the thought that we need something else, more people thinking about it, and the realisation that as society as a whole we ought to be thinking about these things. There is a problem with manufacturing period, we keep using petrol based material, which albeit do make the vehicles lighter and faster to manufacture, easier to upkeep, longer lasting, but it is still dependent on crude oil. So are the tires, and probably about 75% of the vehicle. Most important is finding new sources, which can be renewed. Hemp seed oil comes to mind, but that would be a pain to get around thanks to the illegal nature of the plant, but I guess if you go to Portugal you might be able to get away with the proper research and get it done there. I'm glad you are all giving it your two pence. Oh, and Quantum theory would totally love to come in here and have a chat with everyone about zero point energy, but it is busy existing and not existing at the same time somewhere with Schrodinger's cat and a quark. There is a joke in there... Schrodinger's cat and a quark walk into a bar, the bartender has no idea either is there until he turns around. (bad joke is bad lol)
  11. Alright, so I just wanted to bring this up because it just kind of left me a bit stumped when I first thought about it. So you have an electric mode of transportation. Right, brilliant, you are awesome sauce and deserve a gluten free vegan cookie with a glass of soy milk. Now, what do we do about "powering" your newly acquired vehicle? Well, plug that sucker into the wall, right? Huh... I guess that is alright, but where is that power coming from? Only about 14% of the energy created in the UK is from renewable sources, meaning that if you are using one of those fancy electric bikes, unless the bike racks have solar panels and farm the wind somehow, you are still using fossil fuels. Hmmm... So those new fancy cars are also using fossil fuel energy, even though they are "electric". Well, so I guess what I'm curious about is how can this be circumvented? I mean, nuclear is great, as long as the plutonium is recycled in house and not turned into waste, which also decreases the chances of said waste being stolen or "lost" to be used by those who must not be named. But this is also a finite form of electricity, there is not enough plutonium to keep our society going forever. Maybe we can harness waves? There are a lot of ocean waves and tides here in the UK which can be harnessed, but salt water is quite corrosive. Solar is great, but it is constantly raining here! Especially Scotland, it is just a deluge 24/7 (I get most of my factual information regarding weather patterns in England from "Little Britain")!!!! It would be cool if we could have some sort of solar panels in space which sent us the energy through some sort of wifi. If I am correct, the tech has been tested in small experiments, and someone under the name of Nicola Tesla had a similar idea. Free energy for the world (sounds like some cheeky communist rhetoric if you ask me), but thankfully in the name of the free anarcho-capitalist market, he failed miserably. So, I guess the question is, what to do? Using the electric vehicle is good and all, but you are still depending on electric created by non-renewable fuels. Le sigh. What do, what do, and why? Two words, zero point energy, well three words but you get the point.
  12. Wow, this sounds like fun. I can sing okay like, though not so much. I play rhythm guitar, but without an axe atm. I am a fan of bands like "The Dead Milkmen," does that help? Always up for some decent indecent music.
  13. Hey, Well, these things are always a bit awkward. I guess. I am me, I like to write, photograph, play music, and do just about anything creative. It is fun, keeps me grounded; well, sort of. I like Sheffield thus far, it is a colourful town. I have been around a few continents, and I can honestly say that towns with hills are the best. Good for photography, walking, and people watching. I like the odd cup of tea here and there, and a beer every once in a blue moon. As of late I have been working on my music, though I'll soon return to photography, then writing stories or some poetry, and then back to the music again. It is my muses cycle. Anyhow, I guess that is that. sincerely, awkward penguin
  14. So, did you find any information on this? I am curious to find a group to join as well. Pass on that info, please!
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