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  1. We boycott all products with palm oil in in my family, and it's reducing the number of products we can buy very quickly as it's in everything processed nowadays . Finding cholcolate without it is very hard. Bounty seems to be the only one I could find yesterday :/ We don't boycott palm oil for the health issues though but because the destruction of the rain forest needed to plant palm oil trees is causing the slow but inevitable extinction of the Orang Utans http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/theissue http://www.orangutan.org.uk/about-orangutans/what-is-palm-oil
  2. It's maybe slightly different now, the UCAS process. Basically the students have to chose 5, go see them, then narrow it down to a first choice and an insurance. If you get the grades for your first choice then you go there! The insurance can only be of equal or lower grades, as a fall back. The other 3 choices entered forst time round once rejected are on longer an option. Glad you liked Sheffield. We did too!
  3. Just a quick update, visited again yesterday for an offer holders open day. Sadly the 'vibe' of the physics department this time wasn't so good and the research areas not to my daughter's liking, so Liverpool is going to be first choice, Sheffield insurance. Shame really as I liked Sheffield, but we'll still visit as overall both the Uni and City impressed us massively
  4. Hiya It's my birthday next week and I'd like to do a really lovely walk, so forumites, I know it's a dull grey time of year but what are your favourite walks that you recommend? Not too tied to area, but not anywhere like Scotland!!! Distance wise, I can only manage maximum 8 miles, and if there weren't any stiles that would be ace! Other than that I'm open to suggestions Thanks
  5. Thanks. It rained yesterday so will come back another day!! Cheers for the suggestions
  6. I'm looking for some sites within Sheffield to photograph Victorian and industrial buildings. Any obvious areas/streets to consider please? I'm not familiar with Sheffield, but would like to photograph Victorian streets, old Victorian factories, pubs and the like. Closer to the town centre the better! Thanks in advance
  7. I'll definitely pass this on. I've tried to bring her up as a responsible and considerate human being, but students seem to think this doesn't apply to them don't they ---------- Post added 12-10-2016 at 15:58 ---------- That sounds awful . Saldy I think those things are likely to happen in any big city, but crime in Liverpool is a concern as it has it's fair share of 'ne-er do wells!!!'
  8. Why do poeple insist on doing this, park right next to the only car in the car park when the rest of the car park is empty. I like to park away from others to try and avoid my car getting dented by ignorant <removed> who aren't careful when opening their car doors, and then I find that the only other cars in a massive empty car park all park right next to me. I mean, what is that all about?? Infuriating!! Go park in a big space away from me
  9. Well supporting Sheffield Utd just isn't going to happen I'm afraid as we already support Liverpool and go the game regularly!!! Nice try though!! ---------- Post added 09-10-2016 at 13:28 ---------- I agree with you, and suspect the course being more to her taste may well win out, but UofS did make a really positive impression and the course was decent too!
  10. Wow, thanks so much for all the replies. I think you've all backed up our initial impressions that Sheffield was really friendly Lots of good info too for which I'm very appreciative. It's tough choosing a Uni isn't it? Both my daughter and I were blown away by Sheffield, loved it, and then today we went to the University of Liverpool and we both loved that too, but for different reasons! Sheffield is smaller, the lure of the Peak District is a massive bonus, and Physics is a good course. Liverpool we preferred the campus, and I think the Georgian area has been redeveloped incredibly well, plus the course had more research into areas daughter likes, but no really good countryside around, and possibly more antisocial issues? Blimey, what a horrible decision
  11. Long ago my old ecomomics teacher raved about his time growing up in Sheffield and told us almost every lesson what a great city it was!! Now his childhood was about 70 years ago, but I always remember the strength of feeling he had for his city so when my daughter recently started looking at Uni's to study at I raised Sheffield as an option. We've been to the University of Sheffield open day, she wants to study Physics, and were really impressed with what we saw. I'd be very helpful if forumites could assist in the pros and cons of Sheffield froom a students persepective please? What are the things/places to avoid, safety concerns or other things we need to know, and what are the must do's? Any information you could provide would be really helpful in helping her make a final decision. Thanks in advance
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