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  1. daz027

    Crown Court Protest? 06/10/2016

    a lot of police there too
  2. daz027


    watch the first one and see if it lives up to the hype
  3. another load of rubbish just like big brother was
  4. daz027

    The green light advert..

    i like James Corden on a league of their own but the ad is rubbish
  5. daz027

    X factor show a joke

    all manufactured rubbish
  6. daz027

    C4 TV Series 'Hunted'

    its ok and helps to pass the time i suppose
  7. Anybody know a reasonably priced joiner to fit 3 internal doors ?
  8. daz027

    Ex Chaucer School pupils

    Halifax building was a dump when i went to Chaucer

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