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  1. You look like you're sorted now but if not give me a shout. We've probably done about 300-400 of these in the past year!
  2. If you were 'tech savvy' you'd be booting up Windows 10, macOS and some (other) form of *nix. You learn nothing from three flavours of Linux. You're literally better building from scratch than trying three distros.
  3. Sorry, ignore my last post, I should have read your post fully before replying. You can absolutely do what you're asking. It's called Physical to Virtual (although it creates the VDI which you load up directly in VirtualBox, rather than a bootable ISO, although you do need the Windows install source as either an ISO or physical media). See here.
  4. Microsoft has tools (Windows AIK and ImageX) to do this, but you have to be using a Volume License edition of Windows.
  5. No way is that "legit". Office Professional costs £419. 99, you'll find that a bit cheaper from resellers, but not by much. I'm aware you can purchase them from sites such as Amazon and eBay, but they are not proper licensed copies. A key that validates does not necessarily equal a valid key. You've almost certainly purchased a Volume Licence key, which is not legal to use outside of the licensed organisation. The cheapest (legal) way to get Office is with an education address (staff or students), you can get Office 365 for free. Employees of large organisations can often get it heavily discounted with the Home Use Program, or you can buy Office 365 Personal, which is often discounted to around £30-£40 per year.
  6. Just a warning: Windows 7 and Server 2008 (including R2) reaches end of support one year from today. Once you hit Jan 14th 2020, you'll no longer receive any further security updates (ever!). Now is a good time to plan an upgrade. I'm happy to have a chat with anyone who wants to upgrade (especially businesses looking for someone to advise on upgrade paths/test existing infrastructure/software/etc). Drop me a PM here, or call: 0114 4000065.
  7. We've got a 4th Gen Apple TV and 4th Gen 4K Apple TV. They're great for buying movies. You often find movies on sale for <£4 and unlike everyone else, when the 4k update comes out you get a free upgrade. Unfortunately you can't cast some apps like Sky/BT/etc (you can pay extra to cast BT Sport, but it looks terrible, I wouldn't bother). The easiest way to get Sky on an additional TV without Sky Q/multiroom is to to pay for Sky Go (or get it free from Sky VIP if eligible) and stream it to a TV from a laptop with HDMI.
  8. He/she is talking about wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The .org site hosts the (free) Wordpress software. The .com site is also a wordpress site, but sells hosted Wordpress solutions. To answer your question @eurovision: https://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ will tell you the theme. You can find out if a site is hosted on wordpress.com by pinging the site (http://www.whatever.etc) to get the IP address, then nslookup the IP address (it will say [servername].wordpress.com if hosted on wordpress.com). Shameless self plug: we host wordpress sites if you're looking for a host
  9. I once had a dead-on-arrival motherboard (as part of a very large/expensive order) from Scan. When I tried to return it they wanted to charge me a restocking fee (for a faulty item!). I had to threaten them with small claims court twice; once to accept the return, and a second time to get them to pay my refund when they'd took delivery of the faulty item. Admittedly this was a few years ago, but I've never used them since (for personal orders or business orders) and would never use them again.
  10. This is true of OEM and retail keys, many other types of key do expire (Dreamspark or Volume Licensing, to use two examples).
  11. Give Aspire Sheffield a call. They recycle corporate/education/etc PCs and resell them. We often send stuff to them. I obviously can't speak for them (what they have/don't have), but from previous experience, for that budget I'd think you'd comfortably get a fairly decent i5 system. Website: http://www.aspire-sheffield.co.uk/
  12. If you're not bothered about resale just take the drive out and drill it 2 or 3 times about 1 inch from the spindle (the centre). You want to hit the platters, not the motor in the middle.
  13. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Crucial drives by the way (or Sandisk, or Samsung, etc). Just avoid the really cheap Chinese no-brand imports and you should be fine.
  14. Shame you didn't post this a couple of days ago. Ebuyer had 500gb Samsung Evo drives priced at £87.49 on a daily deal. Cloning a drive is pretty easy with Samsung drives. They come with a piece of software that automates it. Although I usually install from fresh and leave the old drive as a second drive.
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