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  1. Not sure when the changes happened but it looks like they aren't free anymore https://parkstennis.co.uk/venue/hillsborough-park You can book a court here, looks like it's now £4 for a hour slot or if you play a lot of tennis you can pay an annual fee and greatly reduce the cost of the court each time https://parkstennis.co.uk/sheffield/subscription
  2. Yes, I got distracted many times trying to figure whereabouts in Sheffield they were. Enjoyed part 1 though
  3. She's a JPIMedia journalist based at The Star.
  4. I don;t know if you have twitter but the results can be found here:
  5. yeah you can walk to this tramstop on foot from Woodbourn road, it's not just used for park and ride - I get off at this stop to walk to work
  6. Have you heard of the Local tennis league? https://localtennisleagues.com/sheffield/ You basically take a quick questionnaire to determine your skill level then get put into a mini league with other players of your skill level.
  7. They weren't there this morning when I went to the petrol station, might have gone now
  8. In Sheffield, I've only really played at Goodwin sports centre but i'm happy to play anywhere. Sounds good, happy to get in a game next week.
  9. No alf, never played at Davys but don't live far from there
  10. I'd also be up for a game or two of Squash, below average player but I need to get my fitness back up
  11. I'm sure i've seen for sale item there as well, will have to take a look next time i'm in there
  12. You're probably right actually, we went right around thanksgiving, might have been busier than usual. Depends on when you go I suppose.
  13. Most of the parks are decent, i think magic kingdom was my favourite but expect a lot of walking and waiting for rides. When I went, the average ride wait time was 1h+.
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