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  1. Used it regularly in the sixties, travelling on the anglers excursions to places like Saxilby, Five Mile House,Southry and Stixwold. The train, (often steam)used to terminate at Woodhall Junction,(Kirkstead) cliffekid
  2. Has anyone had any experience of releasing capital tied up in property? is it worthwhile or just a con?
  3. I well remember Peacocks shop, living just round the corner off Milford Street. It used to stock a lot of stale confectionary. Regarding Lants chip shop, Mrs Lant used to provide us with second hand comics from the newspaper donated for wrappings Both her and her sister who also worked there spent their last days in seperate nursing homes and I was able to arrange a meeting between the two of them after being seperated for several years.
  4. Would she be the Janet Moulds that had a screaming match at a certain 'Miss Renshaw' at Carbrook School? if so I was in her class:wave:
  5. Thanks for replying Cheryl, I remember the name Mirrians cafe but not it's exact location. Regarding Carbrook County School, I'm afew years older than you (Left school in 62) but remember that the Head Teachers respectively were Miss Carr, Infants And Miss Middleton Juniors. The absolute 'Terror' during my time in the juniors was a certain Miss Renshaw. Any of them still there during your time?.
  6. I was born top end of Bright Street 126 and well remember the area. Over the back wall which led onto Hide Street, (affectionately known as The Brick) a man called Bowler used to keep pigs and chickens which frequently escaped terrifying us kids. The Filesmiths was at the bottom of this road on Milford Street and close bye was the Wentworth which is still standing. I went to Carbrook County School and then on to Coleridge Road School, where 'Pop Naylor ' was still teaching up to 1962 when I left. Lants was definately the best chippy of the two, But can you remember when Jacksons went upmarket and introduced roasting chickens?.
  7. Thanks for the advice Floridablade, much appreciated.
  8. Hi Leeker, Sorry for delay in reply, Fraid I never went to that neck of the woods and still cant dance to save my life. My sister went to the girls school and used to talk about a flat there?.
  9. Hi Harold, sorry for the delay Am currently waiting for confimation of this years reunion dates but am expecting them to be held in the Bankers
  10. Must have left the area about the same time as you, due no doubt to the demolition. Lived not far from the Wentworth Pub.
  11. Im older than you, left Carbrook School in 58, Headteacher was a Miss Middleton and a certain Miss Renshaw was the terror of the Building, were they both still there?
  12. Didnt live there but I remember the chippy. Lived at top end of Bright Street and also went to Carbrook School, What year are we talking?.
  13. Hi Leeker, thanks for replying. Yeah, I used the youth club Quite a lot. Had my first Park Drive tipped there. Did you ever go to the Playcentre at Carbrook School?.
  14. I was in the A.C.C. attatched to the 271st back in 1965. Used to enjoy the weekly attendences there. The cook sergeant was called Smith, and I remember helping to prepare a posh do for the officers..Did camps at Thetford and Tenby.
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