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  1. There are a few clubs in Sheffield. Why don't you join one of them?


    Actually, I proposed something similar a few weeks ago, just to avoid the travel to Sheffield and to make my rules. :) But a club will give you a variety of opponents and an adequate space, equipment... up to instruction (if it matters).

  2. Hi Farhad,


    The key word of my proposal is 'Killamarsh'. :) There is nothing around here. For the people willing to drive 30 min to Sheffield (or Chesterfield) your club, as well as others, is potentially a better option.


    Regarding sparring, I favour slow (and 'heavy' bellow the neck). Slow to allow always good technique, and to give the opportunity to try things we do not master. If I go 'too' fast I start just observing (and judging) my movements... :) And 'heavy', together with slow, is just a massage and it gives better feedback about power, accuracy and striking angle (quality of the technique). We could argue about all our arguments, but this is not the point here.


    I am already training in the first club I found between Killamarsh and Sheffield, but I will visit your gym, eventually (as well as others in the area).


    Thanks for replying.



  3. Is it a joke? I was thinking about visiting your club. :)

    I am sure you know 'technical sparring'. Just most of the clubs focus on pads and fitness. And I like (technical) sparring. Timing instead of speed, analyze the situations that I don't have an immediate solution in order to find/try one... :huh:


    Anyway, we just need to agree with a place and a time. :cool:

  4. Searching intermediate/advanced partners for a technical sparring. I am interested in technique, tactic and strategy, rather than fitness. If you are a beginner, we can start from the basics.

    I have been training since '97 (but not very much lately) and there are not many options in the area to continue. It would be nice to have a little group of adults.




    ---------- Post added 28-09-2016 at 13:35 ----------


    Hi Ben,


    Good to hear from you. We are both quite in the same situation.


    And for sparring, if you have some background it is already better than nothing. Furthermore, your Karate habits could be an interesting challenge for me (since I had very few exchanges with karatekas).

    Anyway, we start light and slow, with learning in mind, rather than winning (no glory about winning against me :) ).


    The only issue a place. My only option now is outside. Do you have a better idea?

    I am already in contact with another interested (that is also an instructor) that may have a place but not in Killamarsh, anyway. Besides that, I have plenty of time at the moment. And gloves to share, if you need.


    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Best regards,




    PS: I cannot send PM, yet.

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