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  1. I'm thinking of writing a history of Laycocks for our Sports club newsletter. We are still a thriving Sports Club on Archer Rd, Sheffield, but the firm is long since gone. Are threre any memories you would like to share with me. Who started the firm? When did it start? What did they first make? What did they make during ww2? The list is endless. Get your thinking caps on! Roger@laycocks-sport :
  2. Enjoyed loking at your post cards. They are just thr right size. I love looking at the scenes long since gone. I have my grandmothers collection from the period after the first war. Roger.
  3. As far I know RAF Norton was a barrrage balloon depot during WW2 under the control of the RAF and not a fully operational areodrome. Lots of referances in the city library. Tony R Turner
  4. Re: Eden Camp I am a writer and went to Eden Camp last year as research for a book i am working on. It was a good day out and does cover ww1 as well as more recent wars. It caters for old and young alike and most days school parties come by the coach load. Tony
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