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  1. Lived away from Sheffield for 40 years but this was my era. Lived in Hinde House Lane and went to Firth Park School. as a kid Kenyons has fond memories as a great toy shop, and being dragged to Fine fare where everything had yellow labels
  2. Oh yes went there a few times remember when a coach load of miners from Barnsley smashed the place up
  3. I was in Norfolk police at the time of the miners striker and we got on with the lads great. Just before Christmas we had a whip around and bought the pickets a few bottles of whiskey and we all did the hokey cokey around the burning fender
  4. My grandparents lived in Ronksley Road from the time that the houses were built until when the died in the early 1980s. I regularly used to visit and stay as a young boy in the 1960s and 1970s. Everyone knew each other , they were friendly and the gardens were immaculate. My grandparents lived at no 51 and my grandfathers roses in the front were his pride and joy. as a young lad i wanted to live in a house like that when i grew up. How things have changed, the area and Firth park is unrecognizable and my grandads rose garden is now a concrete pad to park more cars
  5. Hi I too finished up as a Detective in later life so Grimesthorpe must have turned out a few of the boys in blue albeit i did my time in Norfolk
  6. That's interesting about 271 owler lane and popple. My family have a long association with the house and area. My great grandfather was a bricklayer who worked on the building in the area in late Victorian times. My grandmother was born in the house in 1903 and then my dad in 1927. My grandparents rented the house for many years buying it for £500 in the early 1970s. The moved to firth park road in the early 1980s I have fond memories of the house and area but both look a sorry state now
  7. I think popple street was named after the builder. My grandparents lived at 271 owler lane and there is a head plaque on the wall to mr popple. The yard at the rear of my grandparents connected to popple street.
  8. I was brought up here as a child in the 1960s and 1970s leaving for Norfolk in 1978. My parents moved out of the area about 1990. It was a lovely area opposite the park but I gather it has changed dramatically. In the 1970s my parents could have sold the house and got a very substantial property in Norfolk. I see the houses are valued at about £80 000 now and the cheapest houses in Norwich are twice that now. It is strange and sad that certain areas can change so much so quickly
  9. Cannot remember after all these years but she lived in the middle of the row of houses in the mid 1960s we left grimesthorpe school in 1968 the last 11 plus group
  10. I went to owler lane and then grimesthorpe. I think I must have started owler lane about 1962. I went to school with a girl called Elizabeth who lived in that block of houses near the quarry I think her dad was a teacher. There were no trees on the quarry site in those days
  11. I started in the police in 1978 and my first monthly take home was £189 but I did get free accommodation as well
  12. Anyone remember Thomas and Doris wright who lived most of their adult lives at 271 owler lane. Passed away in the 1980s but well known in the area. They were my grandparents interested if anyone remembers them
  13. My grandparents and their neighbors used to hide in their cellar at owler lane during the bombing. I still have the old dartboard they used use down there in those dark days. Since 1978 I have lived in Norwich and they had about 50 raids
  14. Was terry Rhodes related to mark Rhodes he was a friend of mine at school
  15. Trying to trace an old friend. Used to live in robey street as a kid and Tinsley in 1980s. When I last heard he was on the Maltby area. Has a son Anthony who will be in his mid 30s
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