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  1. Rev. Christopher Whitehead was my dad, and he died on Monday. I found your message a couple of years ago and forwarded it to my mum who was very touched by your words. Unfortunately Dad was too ill by then to have understood. I kept meaning to reply and am so sorry that I didn’t. As far as I know Malc is still going and I am hoping he might be at Dad’s funeral. I last saw him around seven years ago. My favourite game at Explorers and Pathys involved a shoe on the end of a rope, swung in a circle. Anyone failing to jump it would go flying! Happy Memories.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the total disregard that pedestrians have for the cycle lane opposite Sheffield station. I spent some time working near there recently and was shocked at the way pedestrians blocked the lane. Apart from one idiot all cyclists approached the area around the crossing with exaggerated caution. Without this pedestrians would have been flying all over the place! On two occasions I even saw cyclists abused by the pedestrians for using the cycle lane. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.
  3. Does anyone know what has happened to the pair of white geese on the Sheffield Tinsley Canal? They have been around for many years on the stretch between Victoria Keys and Sheffield Arena. The female has an eye missing and the pair have made many unsuccessful attempts at hatching eggs over the years. I cycle along this route daily during school term time and they were there at the end of July but missing by the beginning of September. I have always hoped they might be united with the large flock on the River Don nearby but I am concerned that something worse has happened.
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