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  1. There's plenty of good second hand guitars around. The best thing to do is to go in store and play one. Everyone has a personal preference. I'd recommend going to Rich Tone, they have tonnes of decent guitars!
  2. Cheers! I think I will have a word with an accountant who should be able to advise me.
  3. Any advice on setting up a limited company? I am currently working as a sole trader but my business is quite rapidly expanding and I don't know whether it is worth setting up as a limited company. Does anyone have any experience on this at all? Thanks!
  4. That's helpful, thanks I'll check them all out!
  5. Hi, does anyone know of any motorbike meets? Been riding in Sheffield for a few months but can't seem to find anyone to ride with! Anyone know of any?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a trumpet player to join a Sheffield based modern swing band. 'The Swingtown Cats' are an experienced bunch of musicians and looking for someone similar. We play a mix of originals and covers and are all of a high standard. Recordings available on request. We are looking for a trumpet player to complete our line up and join us for recordings and gigs. Please email 'swingsheffield@gmail.com' if you're interested - or know anyone that plays (we can't seem to find anyone!!)
  7. I was wondering if anyone knew the best areas for a first time buyer in Sheffield? I'd love the Broomhill/Crookes area but everything is very expensive! Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to find places to take my partner out to drive. She passed her test a couple of years ago but hasn't driven a car since so it's like her being a beginner again. Does anyone know of any big spaces that are quiet to drive around at night? I went near Costco off parkway but there wasn't many roads! Thanks!
  9. Bennyono: The rooms are generally used Wendesday, Thursday and Occasionally Sundays. It's a room in a commercial building near Bramall lane. It's just a little studio which you can plug in most times and play as long and as loud as you want. There is a drum kit there although you will need your own amps.
  10. I use a residential room at the moment and a band have just left. What nights would you usually practise though? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am looking for a small practise studio to maybe use once a week to use for teaching. I only require one day per week but I do need somewhere clean and presentable (a lot of studios tend to be a bit grimey). Not too fussed on location. Anyone got any suggestions?
  12. Cheers, I'm into most things to be fair! Does the Washington have live acts on?
  13. It depends on your budget! Somewhere near fullwood perhaps? (if you can afford it)
  14. Hi, What are the best music venues in Sheffield? I only really know of West Street Live and The White Lion. Are there any other big music spots? (smaller ones, not the O2 or Arena) Thanks!
  15. Try [/url] or unbiased maybe? I used a company I found called Finance advice centre who were really good! Definitely get a mortgage broker, they can save you no end of money in the long run! ---------- Post added 28-02-2017 at 14:13 ---------- Try http://mybigmove.co.uk/find-the-best-mortgage-advisorsor unbiased maybe? I used a company I found called Finance advice centre who were really good! Definitely get a mortgage broker, they can save you no end of money in the long run!
  16. Are there any more of these events happening? I would be interested in playing if possible!
  17. Hi, I currently have a new modern swing band and we're looking for gigs in Sheffield Can anyone recommend any good venues or events looking for bands? I know the standard ones like West Street Live, White Lion etc.. Let me know! Thanks
  18. Hi, We are in need of a trumpet player to complete our line up. We play modern swing music - a mix of covers and originals. We are all of a very high standard and would like a trumpet player to complete our line up. We are not looking for the next Louis Armstrong, we would just like someone who can help pad out the sound. We can provide you with a link to our music if requested. If you are interested please email info@sevenhillstuition.co.uk Thanks Aaron sevenhillstuition.co.uk
  19. Hi, we are still looking. Could you email swingsheffield@gmail.com please? thanks
  20. We are looking for an experienced singer (male or female) to front a modern upbeat swing band. We are all currently highly skilled and experienced musicians and are looking for someone of similar ability to front the band. You will be singing a mix of covers and originals whilst gigging doing functions, weddings, pubs, festivals. Anywhere we can! You don't have to have your own gear or car, just turn up to rehearsals once a week. If you're interested, please email swingsheffield@gmail.com or call/text Aaron on 07541947686. Thanks!
  21. Christmas vouchers available for guitar lessons in South Yorkshire! We offer tuition for all ages, abilities and styles. All of our tutors are fully qualified, DBS checked and have sufficient PI cover. Just visit www.sevenhillstuition.co.uk Happy Christmas!
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