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  1. I love a wrist watch, i have a nice Tag Heur about 12 years old and my names down on the waiting list for a Rolex Submariner
  2. When I was younger and lived in a terraced I’d have nightmares about people leaving cream up my back passage
  3. I didn’t realise it was. It came up when I searched for something else. It’s going to have curdled now.
  4. Ive a double mattress thats way too good to skip
  5. Its currently sat empty and wondered what the plans are
  6. Don't let to people claiming benefits. If you decide down the line that you want them to leave the council will force you to take them to court to get an eviction notice. I know this from experience.
  7. Hi yes but there is only mention of a new pitched roof and applying to change it back from offices to a dwelling again
  8. Since EDS who ran offices from there went bust does anyone know any plans for what's happening with the building ? I'm guessing flats ?? ---------- Post added 19-08-2017 at 22:41 ---------- Mods please correct title spelling to loxley manor
  9. So what I should have done is either charge my friend the £1k+ upfront knowing I'd have to take them to court, before their tenancy began or not done the favour in the first place.
  10. Although my tenant is on the councils priority list to re house they have said that still behind asylum seekers in the system. ---------- Post added 25-07-2017 at 16:42 ---------- I made zero profit here. It was a favour for a friend that's going to leave me seriously out of pocket and something I wish I'd never entertained
  11. Ah your under the impression I gained here. Funny. My mortgage is interest only due to personal issues id rather not divulge on here so no, your as incorrect as you can be. �� This was a favour for a friend who no can no longer afford to private rent
  12. Ok I thought it might be a benefit thing but I'm happy to be told otherwise. I've not seen any corespondence yet as I'm out of the county but it's common practice (my wife used to work for a lettings company)
  13. I'm a private landlord (I rent out one house I used to live in, the rent covers its mortgage) I've decided to sell it but the council have told my tennant (a friend) that despite serving a correct section 21 and all the correct relevant paperwork not to worry as they have months and months left in my house as when the section 21 is up they advise them to sit tight and make me take my tennant to court to evict them. This they have said will cost me around £1k I've heard this from other private landlords too. Sheffield councils attitude to private landlords is disgusting. I wouldn't mind but it was only a short term let whilst I sorted other things out in my life. If your thinking of letting a house out to anyone on benefits then my advise is stay well clear. Your council will stitch you up like a kipper.
  14. The police completely ignored the rider with no helmet, lights, number plates etc I saw yesterday in gleadless valley.
  15. Does anybody know what's happening with it? It's been sat derelict for years and various for sale sighs have been and gone a long time ago but nothing's ever happened. I'd love to convert the two buildings into two houses for my family.
  16. I'm glad the Bright Busses are stopping, they severely overcrowd them with children on some of them which is obviously illegal, my stepson has caught it before and they literally fill the bus to the point where they can barely close the doors. There a death trap.
  17. Absolute claptrap. The "disadvantged" people can get off their lazy arses and make something of their lives just like anybody else can, "disadvantged" is just another excuse for laziness. The sooner people realise that no one gives you anything for nothing (other than the British government) the better place the whole country would be in. Sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself is pointless.
  18. It seems to me that many thieving / anti social / drug dealing / scrotes are the product of thieving / anti social / drug dealing / parents. Stopping idiots breeding should solve that. Job done. Vote for Ableton
  19. Agreed, there is a place on Brick Lane in London, kinda of a big hall that sells hot food from pretty much everywhere in the world, its awesome but its London with a much higher footfall.
  20. Its all down to personal choice. Id hate to live in the ecclesall road area but others love it.
  21. This happened to me and my insurance never questioned it and paid up. They actually wrote the car off after two days of being stolen even though it was never found
  22. I think most thieves want an easy non confrontational job. There a thief, they dont know anything about the person there waking up and could possibly take a real beating. I think if they dont find the keys easily they would move on. Having said that i leave mine where they can find them
  23. I had a friends transit van end up in the very same place
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