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  1. Research project - A joint Parent/Carer & Child questionnaire for young people attending mainstream Secondary School in Sheffield who are described as having learning needs (more explanation in info sheet below). Takes around 10/15 mins, thanks https://research.sc/participant/login/dynamic/53C6BDB3-6866-4E0D-BDF4-E96D2DF9BDA8 Information for parents/carers You are being invited to take part in a research project being conducted as part of a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology course at The University of Sheffield. This information sheet explains why the research is being carried out, and what is involved. Please read this information carefully before deciding whether or not to take part in the research. Please contact the researchers or supervisor if anything is not clear or you would like more information. Thank you for reading this. Research Title What does best practice for children and young people described with moderate learning difficulties in mainstream secondary schools look like? What is the research’s purpose? The aim of this research is to find out what is most important and is working well when supporting and teaching students in years 8 - year 11, described as having a moderate learning difficulty in mainstream secondary schools. It is looking at the progress in schoolwork and student wellbeing. The researchers are asking parents/carers to work with their child/young person to answers relating to school. This research will also look at what school staff thinks works best. The fully anonymised findings will be fed back to the Sheffield Educational Psychology service. Why have I been chosen? You have been chosen to take part as you have been identified as a parent or carer of a young person in year 8 to year 11 with a moderate learning difficulty attending a mainstream secondary school. Please refer to the SEND Sheffield Support Grid for MLD information - ‘working up to two years below age related expectations in attainment.’ What will the research entail? You will be asked to complete a questionnaire with your child/young person who experiences Cognition/learning as a main area of difficulty. Your child/young person may be described as having MLD. The questionnaire will ask questions about what you think works best in supporting them both emotionally and with schoolwork. If you are able to, work with your child/young person to answer questions together; if they do not want to join in please answer the questions in your opinion. Neither you nor the young person will be named or identifiable from the research. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to answer. Will I be paid for this research? No, there is no money being offered for participation in this research. Where will the research be conducted? A questionnaire will be sent to you, which can be completed online, after reading this information sheet and giving your informed consent. What will happen to the data collected? Responses to the questions will be analysed and written up as part of the research report. All data will be stored securely and destroyed when the final report has been completed. No names will be identified including; your name, your child/young person’s name nor the school's name. Pseudonyms will be used throughout the report. What happens if I don’t want to take part anymore, or don’t want my data to be used? At the start of the questionnaire, there is a consent form you will be asked to complete. Until the 4th of December 2020, you can still remove your data; after this date, it will be analysed and anonymised. You are free to not answer any questions; you are also free to withdraw from the research at any time without needing to give any reason without any negative consequences. If you wish to withdraw your data please contact any of the researchers. Who are the researchers? Carlene Alexander - clalexander1@sheffield.ac.uk Laura Eaveson - leaveson1@sheffield.ac.uk Sonya Lengweiler -slengweiler1@sheffield.ac.uk Matthew Robinson -mrobinson7@sheffield.ac.uk Carys Todd – ctodd1@sheffied.ac.uk All researchers have undergone an enhanced criminal record check (DBS). The University of Sheffield, School of Education, Edgar Allen House, 241 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2GW. What if something goes wrong? If there is concern about any part of this research project, you should contact any of the researchers- email addresses detailed above. You can also contact the research supervisor, Dr Lorraine Campbell, School of Education, University of Sheffield l.n.campbell@sheffield.ac.uk0114 222 8177. If your complaint is about a reportable serious event please contact, Dr Lorraine Campbell immediately. Who is organising and funding the research? The School of Education at The University of Sheffield. Who has ethically reviewed the project? This project has been ethically approved via the University of Sheffield’s Ethics Review Procedure, as administered by the Education department. Contact for further information Please feel free to contact any of the researchers. Researcher Supervisors Dr Lorraine Campbell – l.n.campbell@sheffield.ac.uk Dr Martin Hughes – martin.hughes@sheffield.gov.uk The School of Education, 241 Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2GW
  2. Hi, I have 2 8 year old brothers who need a temporary foster home for 6 months. This is because I have moved to a flat which is not appropriate as they are real outdoor cats, I will take the back after 6 months when my lease ends. I would be willing to provide food and pay for your services. Just need someone to care for them, they are lovely boys who are house trained, neutered, up to date boosters and are really no trouble at all. If any one is interested please contact me, it would be pretty much straight away if possible. Many thanks Matt
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