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  1. House Train is coming into the platform this Saturday. Hope to see some people there. We need to make it a good night so it goes monthly.
  2. Hi everyone. I am Corey and I am putting on a debut night on the 1st September at the Station Pub in Kiveton Park opposite the train station. The night will consist of an evening of vocal, uplifting house music. Nothing too heavy just quality House music. Everyone is welcome and I would like the word spread around the local area. I hope to see some of you there and hope you enjoy the night. If it's a success then the owner is going to make it a regular monthly event hosted by myself. Thanks again.
  3. I think that if you look at the general quality and quantity of "Different" produce on offer, most people would pay a little over the odds for something you would not readily get in Asda or Tesco's. You say "Too expensive" but have you seen the prices of "Taste the difference" and "Organic" food lines out on the shelves and in the fridges of every supermarket chain out there. We never had all this supposedly "Better for you food" when I was growing up and it never did me any harm either. 37 years later and I am still in good health without the help of every health guro telling what I can and can't eat. You have to admit it though, they do have some damn fine foods on the stalls though.
  4. The thing is that fuel prices were lower then than they are now and we had protests. So whats keeping them in check now. We were talking about it the other morning in the garage after filling up. What is it about this government that keeps squeezing every last bit of our wages out of us.....Petrol, House prices, Mortgage payments....The list goes on. They can start today for my vote.
  5. Anyone remember the advert on TV in the late 70's/80's with the yellow thatched box on the road at a cross roads junction. Anyone who parked there was picked up by a big hand in the sky. The same should be done to these idiots who seem to think they can park in these area's outside Fire Stations. Out of all the emergency services the Firemen and the Ambulance services do the best job. They should have mobile crushers at the roadside to punish stupid/ignorant drivers and who knows......It may be their house that is on fire that they are going to. People just do not think or read the raod anymore, as it will slow them down getting to wherever they are going. Come to think of it Sheffield Council already do a fantastic job of slowing people down to and from work.
  6. does SCC own shares in mainline,mainline shareholders must be loving this scheme! the council aren't bothered about residents its all about stopping commuter traffic. Seven Stones "the retail Quarter with no visitors"
  7. do residents of the Exeter drive, lansdowne and washington rd flats have to purchase a permit to use the onsite car parking spaces and do you recieve a discount if claiming benefits?
  8. This is good as you don't see all that many people doing Parkour around the Sheffield area. I live close to the area you were doing it and there are lots of places down by the crags and the canal. People will always try and justify to you why it is wrong but what damage does it do to people. Done in the right way it looks amazing and you were getting the kids on the street to have a go too. It is getting so widespread now that it should be accepted as a proper urban sport but I can't see the council granting a custom built area any time soon. Some of the video's on U-tube are very good, especially the one with the two brothers doing it David Belle style. Have you noticed how many films are now including it in the action scenes now, Casino Royale, 13th Precinct and the new Die Hard to name a few. It should now be accepted, part funded by local authorities and televised more. Carry on the good work I say. Nice one.
  9. Magna hold Xmas parties. A load from Telewest went there a couple of years ago. Combined Xmas parties with 3 course meal Dodgem Cars and other entertainment.Quality.
  10. Jean Keane Motoring School, local to town, can pick you up from work for lessons what more do you need ? In the Yellow Pages too. We have passed her onto a few people with no worries. She is a friend though.
  11. Rob the crutches:hihi: before they get chance to rob you, 10-1 odds they will have a divine moment, be instantly cured and chase you all over town. Might be worth a go just so you can leather a bum!! :rant:Why don't these people just stop harrassing decent people and get a grip of their lives.
  12. Sound Control on City Road. I bought my setup from them ages ago, very good shop. Now using Tractor 3 and Numark Axis 9's now as does not use too much space up in the house. Either that or Cloud down Darnall if its still open that is, think it is though.
  13. You could try Jean keane Driving School as she is Manor local and very good. She is a personal friend and has been in the bussiness for years. She is also able to do lessons from work if in Sheffield. Her number is in the Yellow Pages and we have recommended her for loads of our friends with no complaints.
  14. See, I told you so. Reading between the lines is a bad thing throughout forums. At no time did I say the cat was dead, people may have imagined the cat was dead but this is just wishfull thinking:hihi: in a lot of cases. It lived to crap, scratch and scent another day but just does not go into Mother dears garden anymore. It is always amusing when the thread detracts from the original idea and resorts to childish name calling. Troll indeed. I am not in the habit of living under bridges or being a figment from Scandinavian folk lore either and who mentioned paying a lot of money for a pedigree:confused:. You get what you pay for in this world and if that means buying a dog with breeding and pedigree then so be it. Anyway, as the thread has degenerated as per expected, I'm bored now. So away I go to train my dog how to pee and crap on peoples gardens in the best way a pedigree can.
  15. The best bit about this is that she does not live in Kiveton park, I do but we have a dog and don't get Cat crap in our garden. The thing is that people read into things too deeply on this forum and she did not kill the cat, just gave it a right bad belly ache that went away after a while. Made it think twice before crapping and scenting that particular garden again though. You own a dog, you pay for a pedigree, you see the love in it's eye's. What do you get from a cat ? Scratch marks, urine/scent burnt grass and plants, an animal that would no more than spray you than look at you if only you were not the one who feeds it. Cats use humans and that is that. Why feed an animal that is happy to be put out at night, that is quite capable of looking after and feeding itself by killing rodants, birds and anything else it can lays its filthy paws on:loopy:. Hello it's me, I'm back again. OOOH what have you been upto all night Kitty? Now let me think, sprayed every bush and flower bed I could find, not forgetting the cars around where I live:mad:, killed a few birds and look.....I brought you a nice collection of dead things to rot in your home when I hide them under the sofa and in your bed. Cat owners just don't want to admit that they are being taken for a mug all along.:huh:Slightly mad maybe:hihi: but toxic.....some people have got a cheek I'm sure.
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