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  1. As madness once said go away your an EMBARRASSMENT.
  2. That girl is vile no matter what race you are you do not behave like .
  3. this man is a first rate idiot 'and he thinks he funny .get real and grow up.
  4. top 1478 a derby game has not sold out since sky came on board ,I was ther on boxing day and at the lane the same season ,that's what you call sold out grounds
  5. They say this every time .just look at the empty spaces on sunday .ill bet anybody 50 bars the ground is not full and not just the spaces of no allocation
  6. Can anybody help me me looking at the new sky deal only want all football and test cricket , and maybe the grand prix .also multi room ,paying about 80 a month at the moment , any ideas what other people have got many thanks
  7. god old Robbie the man who knows bag all about real football ---------- Post added 10-08-2017 at 02:23 ---------- what do you do for a job Robbie ,but if you ever leave let me know
  8. sick to death of listening to these real ale do gooders ; a you are boring .b you are boring and c yes you have not taken over the world on your views on alcohol . blah blah blah ,yes great 6 percent . yes one of the best craft beers ive ever had , have a word with yourself get your drink and stop boring the pants of everybody else.
  9. omg the Sheffield star, Sheffield shocked by snow storm , were the hell are they getting the people who write this rubbish:loopy:
  10. YOU really talk crap planner , we were in the the same boat and if it wasnt for some helpful people on here we would not have got our money back ,we went went right to the top of the council and found out the name of the top person ,who couldnt apolagise enough and said she wasnt happy about the way amey was going about things , and she would bring this up at the next meeting ,
  11. Oh dear rigewalk you really need to get out more pal going on charltons websites ,have a word with yourself.
  12. I remember well Alan 58 .think it was called the silver disc que .happy days im 51 so it must have been the late 70s.
  13. Thankyou planner the letter we had was from a person who works for the council ,about how we were dealt with over the phone and also our parking fine ,thats why i asked for a bit more information.
  14. Can someone tell me the next step if you loose your first appeal , like an email name or address i can write to. many thanks .
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