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  1. To my knowledge the florist is having a celebration night of its re- open this fri 8 onwards
  2. We in Wincobank have had a circuling letter between 3/4 schools because of this it is true at Wincobank a man approached a girl 11 + yr old this girl has given a description to the police to my knowledge
  3. If u don't live in Wincobank there is no point commenting on this but for people who do live here and have lived here all there life like myself and many other people the thought of a new housing estate being built on our hill is absolutely disgusting this is hill is part of our area we have plenty of news reporters and people that take there children for walks on these hills if houses were to be built on our hill this would increase the number of breakings and thirds around our areas why not not build houses on the land space off prince of wales road instead which has been a waste land for number of years now leave our hill part of our heritage alone
  4. Clifton park definetly u got the fountains play areas fair and the museum and most of all grass loads if it too burn there little energys off
  5. Great loss to our community dear friend to lots of ppl another life taken too soon r.i.p adrian
  6. They just been in pheasant at lane top 8 cop cars 2dog vans don't know anything as of yet
  7. hi i am after someone to do my ironing i have to small children so its very hard for me to do it and a night im shattered so obviously the ironing pile has built up please can any1 help me i live in the s9 area and would be looking for someone who is reliable honest smoke free and clean home references will be req if need be and pick up and drop off service plz inbox me with details and prices thanks kim
  8. we are changing to another provider because talk talk is slow and can be expensive
  9. cant u contact the police about it and see what they say
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