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  1. originally posted by sgtkate Except all you seem to do is whinge on here about how everyone else but you has it so easy. #irony ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 09:40 ---------- Me whinge?? no just cant stand others that think they are entitled!! again i have never said i had it hard or easy. Prison officers have chosen their job they know its not going to be pleasant some of the time, its been like it for years Prisons are not pleasant places, i have been to strangeways years ago and Armly visiting and wouldnt want to be in there. overcrowding is the problem and that in part is because the country is overcrowded and with the foreign criminals and fundamental groups.
  2. yep still sore:hihi: when will you give over with that old chestnut?? oh yes you wont because its an easy cop out:roll: ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 09:27 ---------- most are way more secure than ours, check out the one in Arizona desert i think, basically a tent village, no comforts and no second chances. ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 09:29 ---------- didnt think it would be long before you came along, do you want to wrap prisoners up in cotton wool and let them smoke weed?? thats why prisons are underfunded the do gooders spend all the money that should be spent on security and officers.
  3. not twisting anything, the nanny state and overcrowding has caused the problems, the facilities prisoners have are far too good and the money spent on rehab should be spent on officers and security, the vast majority will re-offend anyway so make it as hard as possible inside. ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 09:18 ---------- totally agree and i bet its more than 10% if you include the Jihadi types:loopy: ---------- Post added 16-11-2016 at 09:22 ---------- where did i say that?? i have never said its easy but hey they made the choice? my hard job well i work for myself, its not easy but i made the choice and i get the rewards i dont whinge when life gets tough:roll:
  4. well you seem to be the expert? clearly its to do with working with the criminals and the lack of power they can exert over them?, which is what i said originally lack of an infrastructure to control the criminals which are not down to cuts more like down to the PC soft on crime regime we have now.
  5. ouch still sore about Brexit eh Joke?r bet you hate the american version:hihi: ---------- Post added 15-11-2016 at 21:33 ---------- absolutely agree with you on that one:mad:
  6. really??? prison officers wanting to strike because its a little dangerous and not very nice dealing with criminals???? well what did you expect? what should happen to make it safer in prisons is that all visiting is behind a glass screen with a phone like the USA, any new inmates subjected to detailed searches before entry to the main prison, wire mesh screens above prison yards and hey presto no drugs, shanks or mobile phones. segregation of likely groups to cause trouble job done!
  7. At least Leeds can be called a proper city?? Sheffield nothing more than a large town with a council that hate business and make it a difficult as possible to operate here due to the roads the rates and general infrastructure.
  8. why on earth Sheffield thinks it needs a HS2 line i dont know, its hardly the hub of UK business is it or even a destination city unless you have friends or relatives??? blimey we cant even get the roads or traffic management in decent order !
  9. its because the Japanese and other eastern countries have a "can do " work ethic, things get done or there are consequences its a great shame the west dont follow these examples:roll:
  10. What an inanely stupid comment:loopy: what so we can see smack addicts openly injecting all over the place, having to inhale cannabis fumes, clean up after them in every area of life no thanks:roll:
  11. thats exactly what will happen, he will delegate positions as any leader would, his business experience will stand him well in organising and prioritising, hopefully he will treat it like a business.
  12. most think you are always stoned when you comment. A big problem with the drugs culture is its users that think just because they do it it doesnt effect others ? it does, personally if you need to get stoned in life then there is something seriously missing in it or just a little thick:roll:
  13. er excuse me??? who are you calling racist?? wind ya neck in:loopy:
  14. i know but i think you will struggle, good luck and if you find one let me know:)
  15. i dont think you can change from a ltd co to a sole trader, you will have to close the ltd co which will involve more accountancy costs and then register as self employed sole trader. accountants are all different mine charges £650 for ltd co but depends on the work. why change it now if you have more nett profit than 10k pay yourself dividends and save money on NI etc. if you have no profit this year you may have next?
  16. the whole of the building trade for a start, engineering, catering, labour for farming to name a few, undercutting and cash prices and have done for years.
  17. perhaps we now need that type of system to make the lazy scroungers get off their fat backsides?? the feckless will do nothing to help themselves while ever there is a big juicy safety net.
  18. Really?? ok so you are ok with EU immigrants eroding our skill sets and jobs but not the Indian Immigrants because that impacts your industry? businesses will always find the cheapest option in all industries, you really dont have a clue!
  19. Well we are a few hours away from what may be the biggest historical presidential shake up America and the world has ever seen? its going to be close run but like Brexit the polls i reckon have this one wrong by a small margin. many middle Americans and west coast who are on the fence will jump the Trump side. we will see interesting times ahead.
  20. As a leave campaigner i have no problem with Indians coming here to work, on the whole they are just that workers they have a good work ethic unlike their neighbours who come here in droves. India is also a massive growing commercial nation that we should get some very close ties with for both import and export. so yes i hope she does see sense and relax the visas for Indian workers who are bringing capital and needed skills to the UK.
  21. thats utter rubbish, remainers have used it as stick to beat the leave campaign and a pretty weak stick at that, anyone can read that as a suggestion?? well unless you are really thick:roll:
  22. Only the remainers ever thought the 350 million was a promise, anyone else with common sense or who understands English read it as a suggestion?
  23. it will be overturned of course, parliament would never dare go against the choice made by the majority and in any case unless your parliamentary seat is rock solid MPs would be scared of voting against Brexit now.
  24. of course it doesnt! in any case it will get turned over on appeal. if you dont like the result of the FA cup football match can you ask for it to be played again??
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