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  1. There were some brilliant teachers and staff at the school wasn't there? My fav memory of Burncross School was at Christmas time. You knew when the tree was up in the assembly hall before you even saw it as you could smell the pine right through the halls of the main building, then the first sight of it was just magical! That's when you knew it was Christmas! And those backdrops they put out above the stage! When I first started it was a snowy scene with kids throwing snowballs and sledging, then they replaced it with a Santa & sleigh scene flying over the roof tops (which Andrew Sylvester's mum came into school to paint!) Oh, and the handmade cardboard postbox outside the dinner hall for you to put your Christmas Cards in! How wonderful - happy days! I know exactly what you mean! Everyone having Christmas dinner together in the hall as well! Those were the days eh?! My brother went to Ecclesfield the year it closed and my cousin moved to Windmill, infact Frank1985, he was probably in the same year as you.
  2. Gareth and Joann were both in my class too. I think that might have been Cheryl Axelby, she was older than me though. Do you remember Mrs Addy? I see her most weeks, I help run Chapeltown Playgroup and she usually comes with her grandson. I recently did a placement at Lound Junior school, it was so weird sitting in the staff room with Mr Lee there, I felt like I was about 8 again!
  3. Yes, that's right Sarah Larkings. Her mum died when she was 7. Michelle Perks did live a couple of doors down from her, she was also in our class. I'm sure there was someone else in our class lived there as well, Paul Jenkins if I remember right. Mrs Johnson also lived down there, she was really nice, I heard she died too a while back
  4. No I didn't, that was my best friend Sarah, it will be her that you remember, although we were always together! We are still best friends now! She had a younger sister called Rachel and they lived there with their dad.
  5. Yes, I do remember you! Me and Melissa were in the same class. Did you live on Charlton Brook? My name was Casson, well it is now again since I got divorced!
  6. Hi, too right! What's your name? I surely must know who you are?!
  7. I went to Burncross School 1984-1991. I loved that place! I want a picture of the outside, I know that there are a few limited edition drawings of it but can't get one There are pics of the outside in some of the Chapeltown & High Green history books.
  8. Hi, I can recommend a good plasterer - Russell 0778344545, he did a great job for my mum, very fair and friendly. I also know a good decorator if anyone ever needs one - Julian 07531942118.
  9. I can recommend a good painter and decorator - Julian 07531942118
  10. I had Mr Hewatt, he was always a good laugh! I heard he's got a kid now.
  11. I went to Ecclesfield, I left in '96. My mum also used to be a teacher there.
  12. Don't know about him swapping me, I'd get rid of him any time and for free.
  13. Your totally right Hazel, I agree with you 100%
  14. "popping off" my nanna always called it that, so my 4 year old does now.
  15. Look in the yellow pages, there is a place in Downham Market, norfolk (strange I know advertising in Sheffield!), they do all sort sof Vauxhall second hand parts (in fact I'm sick of buying parts for Vauxhall's We've got two and it's a nightmare!). Ring them and ask them for what you want, they'll tell you if they have any. We got a petrol tank for a 2ltr Vectra sri for £45 inc delivery, bargain! Rang up Saturday, received it on Tuesday. Give them a ring, it's worth a try.
  16. I agree there are regular near misses on most crossings etc, but this one seems to have more than it's fair share. The problem is it is far too close to the roundabout and the exit to Tesco/petrol station (where people who can't be bothered to wait just fly out whether any traffic (or people) are coming or not). Another problem is that some people just walk straight across it without paying much attention, yes, cars should stop to let people across, but unfortunately some people just don't have the courtesy to do this. It would have been far better if it had been situated a few yards up the road, even better, put it near the shops at the bottom of Lound Side, that road's a nightmare to cross sometimes!
  17. Grandad did work on railway wheels I have been told. The description sounds about right apart from the hair. Grandad would have been 89 now and Uncle Alan a little younger. I have also found out that grandads brother Albert Hague also worked there with them. Alan had some of his finger tips missing. Grandad was a big cricketer and fisherman. I don't know much about Albert, I never met him but he was slightly older than grandad (and they didn't look much alike!) Perhaps you might remember him?
  18. I have just spoke to my nan, she says that my grandad worked in the machine shop as a Turner. He worked there for the best part of 30 years. His brother in law also worked there, his name was Alan Thickett.
  19. I don't really know too much to be honest, I will have to ask my nan! What sort of info would help jog your memory? (just so I can ask her). I never really knew much about what he did, perhaps it's time to find out!
  20. Can anybody recommend a good, reasonably priced builder? My mum needs one to look at the flue for her gas fire as it has just been serviced by British Gas who wont let her use it now. The gas man said she needs a builder to look at it as he thinks that when she had the cavity wall insulation done they have drilled straight through it so the smoke and fumes from the fire are escaping and just going up through the roof instead of straight up the chimmney. If anyone knows a decent reliable builder please let me know. Thanks.
  21. My friend lived across the road, we were at college at the time, when we went round to her house she would always be watching us, then we didn't see her for a while so we we joking 1 day that she must be under the patio, imagine how we felt when they found her head in that concrete in the garage!
  22. My grandad worked at Newton Chambers on Thorncliffe for quite a while I think.
  23. I went to Burncross J & I school 1984-1991 and then Ecclesfield school 1991 - 1996, can't say anything bad about it! Wish I was still there!
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