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  1. They accepted it last week. city centre, near Norfolk park.
  2. Just an update on the thread... I saw a house that I liked near city centre, advertised on rightmove as accepting offers around 200-210... The owner informed me that received an offer of 222k! The neighbors house (semi attached to this one, same size/layout), was sold for £196k in Feb, 2018. is the house market is Sheffield that crazy or the seller is bluffing?
  3. I really need to learn more about the UK houses market. Is it valid for used houses, new or both? what I heard is that there are usually bids always higher than the listed price, isn’t it always the rule then? Good idea. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I moved to Sheffield 3 years ago and now I’m planning to buy a house in 2020. Ideally something not far from city centre (or at least not far from some amenities), freehold, minimum 3 beds (ideally 4) and if possible new. I have around £100k in cash for the deposit and Something priced around 250k would be ideal, but I can pay more if needed. Do you guys have any recommendations? What are the areas I need to look and the ones I need to avoid? Im currently living near the city centre (what in theory isn’t a good region, but I never had any problems). Is it possible to get a discount in a house in a new development months before it gets ready? If so, how can I know about new developments before all the houses gets reserved?
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