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  1. Hi Forum. I know this is incredibly unlikely, but a very sentimental old oak sidetable has gone missing from garage/jennel on Walkley Bank Road. I can't see why anyone might steal it as it has no monetary value but has a lot of sentimental value. If anyone has seen it, picked it up (thinking it was for the bin), or has any ideas please drop me a message through the forum. (can offer a reward for safe return). Many thanks Josh
  2. I think http://www.gordiecavill.co.uk does work on restoring old prints. Very friendly too Josh
  3. Should be a good night. Been far too long since I've played out.
  4. I know it's not Barnsley, but I can highly recommend http://www.sourcephotography.co.uk/ in sheffield, some friends have had pictures their with kids recently and the results are fantastic, definitely worth a look!
  5. Yeah, he's done some great pictures for my Mum as well. Highly recommended
  6. We've eaten in there many times and it's always been lovely. The takeaway is not as good, so eat in for the best experience!
  7. Tragic death of a much loved friend. Please try to be sensitive x
  8. Ta, well problems are multiple. Some paint coming off walls on ground floor, smell of damp in cupboards in kitchen, first floor front bedroom damp on walls (possible old problem now resolved), mold on window sills (possible condensation). Back bedroom smell of damp and wallpaper peeling off. I'm hoping just guttering would solve most problem. There is a damp proof course from the 70's but might be bit out of date. No work done in past two years on house. Will do some more inquiring Ta J
  9. Afternoon. Having just purchased a new house, there are a few damp issues in the property. Could be rising damp, guttering problems, condensation or something else, maybe a combination of all. Anyone know the procedure? Do I get an independent damp survey done which may or may not cost money to know the problems before getting quotes for the work, or just contact a damp proofing company/guttering person to give me quotes and assume they will be honest as to if it needs doing? Also any recommendations of reliable companies to do this? Many thanks J
  10. Hi again all. I'm still trying to find somewhere for my mum to live as she keeps getting out bid on all the houses so far. Next options are St Quentin Close, Bradway or Norton Lees Lane Any info on what these two streets are like? Any known problems in those areas? Many thanks J
  11. Wondering if anyone lives near Busheywood road in Dore? Looking at a place round their for my mum and wondering what the area is like? Is it fairly safe and free of trouble, or anything she should be aware of? Thanks J
  12. I had been looking at a few of those areas too. But she really wants a detached property with a nice garden and prices in some of those districts were a lot higher. I'm reliant on public transport to visit, but that shouldn't be a problem. She doesn't go to the shops often, so shouldn't be to much of an issue, more kids around the house that would upset her. Thanks for all the advice :-)
  13. Hi. I'm looking to help my Mum move up to Sheffield as she's getting older and needs more family support. I've been looking at places round Crosspool or S10 as seems to be convenient location and easy for me to get to She's not very good with people and get's very freaked out with kids hanging round or noise trouble. What's Crosspool like these day's? I found a few threads asking the same question but dated from 2005. Is it still a nice place with very little trouble or has anything changed in recent years? She's been used to living in a detached house in a very quiet area in a village down south so not sure how she'll cope with the big city :-) Any advice appreciated. J
  14. I've had nasty flu since friday so called up the gp on monday morning to find out their advice, they told me to ring NHS direct. Whos took my symptoms and said it might be swine flu and might be normal flu they weren;t sure, but just to stay at home and contact them if things got worse. Work told me I should really go into the doctors, so I phoned the GP again who said DO NOT go to the doctors as it would spread whatever it is I might have. Interestingly they said that there is seasonal flu going around as well and that the symptoms of swine flu are much less severe then the normal flu. So if your feeling really bad it's probably just normal flu. Either way they wouldn't swab me at the GP and NHS direct said they might send me one in the post and they might not. So was left in limbo really, might have it might not, no-one is going to test me, if I do have it then I shouldn't be going into work. Work think I'm faking it as not getting any kind of test. Hey ho. I get the feeling that it is in fact rife across sheffield, but you really shouldn;t be worried about it because the symptoms are really mild anywa
  15. One confirmed Staff case and one confirmed student case at Sheffield Uni, no more so far.
  16. it is indeed. I found a few places that may be able to do it, but other side of country and packaging will be very expensive i reckon so trying to find somewhere local, no luck so far, any more ideas? J
  17. I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to buy a solid clear plastic sphere or 2 hemispheres about 1m in diameter. Any idea where i could obtain such a thing, preferably in sheffield? I've already tried Hallam Signs and ISPL neither of which could help. Any suggestions greatfully received
  18. Hi There were loads of police on Burgoyne road on saturday night, looks like a man was arrested, and a car towed away. Looked quite serious. Anyone any ideas what happened? J
  19. i've had it for years, n was a gift with sentimental attachment, n has only recently become ill
  20. Well it was in a very small pot, n started drooping so i repotted it just recently but it still won't stop drooping. so have tied it up to some stakes for the time being to keep it upright n hope it recovers. It does also appear to have small patches of mould dotted around, i think it might be too late to save, when it was in the small pot it was water hungry, but i'm trying to stop watering it now as thought that might have something to do with it. Any suggestions, can put a link to some pics if that would help? J
  21. Bit of a long shot this one, but would there be any kind of plant or cactus doctor in sheffield that i could take my very sick cactus to for advice or treatment? It may already be to late for treatment, but i'd like to save it if possible. Any recommendations of somewhere to take it in sheff to be looked at? Thanks Josh
  22. I did attend a party in manchester, where when the police turned up they were really friendly and turned there flashy lights on and danced for us, was quite surreal but very sweet
  23. Not yet, bit difficult to judge sizes, n having dreadlocks, finding a top hat to fit over them is a little tricky too. if all else fails i'll give it a shot, just thought there must be some kind of posh suit shop that would sell top hats at least?
  24. Am trying to get myself a cheap top hat n tails for a fancy dress outfit, don;t mind it being second hat n a bit scruffy but like it to be well made to begin with but having difficulty finding them. I know you can buy top hats in fancy dress shops but they;re generally pretty cheap cardboard ones n would like a real one if poss, as for the tails i have a suit jacket i could use but prefer tails if poss. Where can i buy them in sheff or nearby. Any ideas Josh
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