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  1. Because emergency vehicles drive up the hard shoulder
  2. Did he say he wants to silence them?
  3. Nor arguing about it ad infinitum. It's almost like if Smithy and Justin chilled out they'd get where they are going.
  4. No, I'm saying some people claim not to be racist but are. I simply cannot believe you don't have the mental capacity to process that.
  5. Yes, that's why I said they hide behind a mask. Did you not read my post properly? It was written in plain English.
  6. Why are you having trouble Phil? Engage brain!
  7. Nope, that isn't even remotely close to what I said.
  8. Mike is the 86 your birth year because if so that makes us about the same age. People have been talking about immigration for years and years yet claiming they can't because it's deemed racist. It's odd.
  9. If people own the term (we are all anonymous here) then debate can follow. A lot of people claim not to be racist for not wanting mass immigration etc. I get that. But there are also some racists that don't want anyone and they have a vote too. And people can be racist but cowardly hide behind the tired old 'I'm not racist but..' mask. I think that's the point.
  10. Do you live in those certain areas of Sheffield? Do you care if someone wants to go and fight for ISIS if they don't come back? I suspect you don't. Do you see pictures of Aleppo? There is NOTHING left now. Wouldn't you flee? Or would you hang around hoping to destroy Assad's tanks by throwing debris at them whilst ISIS kidnaps your womenfolk? And yes: Democrats didn't vote for Clinton. She lost the election by losing lots of voters. Trump didn't win it by gaining voters. Was saying Trump got fewer votes than Romney too subtle for you to get my point?
  11. Yes, I was just about to reply with the second link.
  12. Haha. Not like Anna B to make a false claim.
  13. As anyone with more than a few brain cells could have told you; Brexit will harm the rich less than the poor. (For balance I will add, if Brexit does indeed cause harm)
  14. I'm too pragmatic to moan. When you moan it's full of flaws pretty. Your anti-liberal non-reasoning made you claim people were driven to vote Trump over Clinton. That's not true. He got fewer votes than Romney and Romney lost. You didn't reply to that. It's a denial tactic; pretend you haven't seen it. Anna B does it as well but she is more liberal than you are (or claims to be). You have made it seem you having nothing to moan about and yet you do. Incessantly and seldom not littered with ignorance.
  15. Umm the fact you whinge a lot about lefties. If all is well how come you want to eradicate leftism? What harm has it done you? I don't need to paint a picture of you as a stereotypical racist. You manage that yourself. ---------- Post added 24-11-2016 at 13:41 ---------- Could not agree more.
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