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  1. Don't no if you lot have been down to the park lately, the other week when it was red hot, I took Lil one round to feed the ducks, and their in front of my eyes was at least 6lb ghost carp on top feeding on the loose bread as I got closer to take a pic it swam to the far right corner under the tree thinking of giving it a go, does anyone know if it's free are where I can get a day ticket from?
  2. I have just moved down to Sheffield, and finding it difficult to fish in this area, I have no transport to go fishing which is a bummer, ain't been fishing since 2014 were I landed my pb 26lb 7oz in a place near coventry,( that's were I've moved from), I was okay then as the bus stop was literally outside my house, plus I didn't have as much tackle as I do now, I have seen people fishing hillsborough pond but everyone I have spoke to say that they haven't caught their in ages, theirs a syndicate pond which is £40 for the year which ain't too far I just want somewhere to fish on a day ticket or even 24hrs close by
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