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  1. Thanks for the info I appreciate it Kojac
  2. Cheers can't really moan for the price. I've seen a few photos of the carp in there some nice fish. Have you ever fished Harthill res and got any info about it. Sorry for being a pest haha
  3. Thanks do you know if you can buy a yearly ticket to fish? and would you say its fairly safe to leave your car overnight. cheers
  4. Hi, I'm just trying to find out any information i can about fishing Pebley Reservoir. Heard there is some good fish in there and sounds like a good challenge. Any information would be grateful (price, size of fish etc) thanks in advance Kris
  5. Hi was wondering if anyone knows of any good carp lakes around the area. Just getting back in carp fishing after 8 years out. Was thinking about trying ravenfield carp lake has anyone fished the lake in the last few years? Thanks
  6. Hi I've been thinking about joining ravenfield carp lake. Does anyone still fish the lake and would be great full of any information I know alot have left this year just wondering if there was a reason? Thanks
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