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  1. That was just one example of a pavement channel. There are other alternatives where they don't have a cover at all, and the opening on top is the width of the cable. No trip hazard.
  2. Here's one option. Pavement channels. https://onelewisham.co.uk/2020/10/08/electric-vehicles-as-part-of-the-pollution-solution/ Cheapest and easiest option.
  3. I think that might have been a bad egg. Brother lasers are fantastic. So much better than HP/Epson junk. One place i used to work did something like a toner a month, but it was literally printing documents one after the other from 8am to 6pm every single day. For some reason, they used it to print the black/white catalogues.
  4. Reading back my comment, it seems I didn't make sense. Windows being the anomoly in that it makes your default account admin, and that is bad.
  5. Basic security, stop downloading porn and stuff from dodgy websites and you'll be fine. Don't give your day to day account administrative rights (like linux and every other OS) and again, you'll be fine. If there was such a big problem with Windows, they wouldn't have the market share they do.
  6. I'd not bother trying J.E James, previous comment about them not being interested in anything other than selling bikes, I'd suggest they aren't even that bothered about doing that. Parts are usually cheaper and faster to obtain than they are going to James. Halfords have had a big shuffle since the original post, I dare say they wouldn't mind having a look at it. Otherwise look at independants like Butterworths, Sheffield Bike Repair, Russels bike shed or Expert Bike Repair in Rotherham. Sheffield Bike Repair is run by a mate of mine, and I know for sure he's looked at a defective E-bike in the last week or so and fixed it. https://www.sheffieldbikerepairs.co.uk/
  7. I'd disagree. Unless you're paying for that service. If you delete a file from Dropbox/Googledrive whatever and let it expire from their recycle bin they won't be particularly helpful in getting it back for you.
  8. This is the right answer. Just because your data is in "the cloud" it's not nessicerily backed up. There's a reason solutions exist to backup your google drive/onedrive/etc. They don't care about your data. The best way is to keep your data local on your nas and back that up to whatever cloud service you're subscribed to. This will be the fastest solution. Run it as a proper backup job and not just a file mirror as any changes made on either device will replicate to the other. Hit by ransomware? Both copies gone. Remember, a backup in one location is not a backup. Public cloud providers do not care about your data and do not back it up.
  9. I'm not so sure. Looking at the pictures back to 2008, doesn't look like it moves.
  10. Everyone's naked underneath their clothes. Makes no odds in water, it's going to be washing round the underneathy bits anyway.
  11. My Word! A Penis!!! /me clutches at pearls. If it's that cold, there's not going to be much to see anyway
  12. This is the problem. Facebook has indeed killed off many forums due to it's ease of set up. However, it's absolutely useless for information storage. The search system is junk, and their algorithm makes it impossible to keep track of anything. Facebook, Amazon etc have basically turned the internet into a handful of sites.
  13. And I deal with large amounts of the elderly who are perfectly computer literate and have no issues at all adapting to modern technology. Many absolutely love it. I was even involved in setting up care homes with computers and WiFi so they could communicate with their families under the old get connected scheme. So it must be you who is talking rubbish. See how that works?
  14. I don't buy age as an issue tbh. If Firethorn1's mum is currentl 82, she'd have been in her 50's in the 90s. Computers were prevalent even then albeit a little on the expensive side. But they have been in mainstream use for over 20 years. Same with smartphones, they've been around for about 20 years too. First generation of modern smartphone came out in 2008, she'd have been 60ish. None of this is new technology. In all that time, it's been incredibly obvious that this is the way everything is going, and they've done the self defeating thing of refusing to use a computer. I think it's a pretty fair assumption by the council to assume that most people have access to a computer, or internet access and for the small percentage that don't, someone that can help do it with them. They would probably need a lot of investment in people, wages all that jazz to help the small percentage of people who can't or won't be helped. Not being able to afford it is another matter, but in my experience most of these families don't seem to have an issue affording their large TV's and whatever satellite subscription is popular today. Those with larger families are definitely disadvantaged though, 3+ kids, who expects kids to have their own laptop? Schools have a surplus that are currently not being used, they should be loaned out to people who need them.
  15. This is an interesting second life for EV Batteries that are no longer suitable for powering an EV anymore: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/automotive-and-assembly/our-insights/second-life-ev-batteries-the-newest-value-pool-in-energy-storage Use with Solar power, charge up your own energy bank and have less reliance on the grid. The power requirements of your house will be way less than what an EV wants. There are so many new solutions coming, but people have very blinkered views and just won't be prepared to bend in any way, even though it won't even affect them. Cars don't need to make brum brum noises, and they don't need to burn dinosaurs. Although if they don't make brum brum noises, I'm not quite sure how spotty teenagers are going to perform their mating rituals.
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