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  1. They'll probably need to factor in shutters for the windows and doors, I can see this being a regular occurance.
  2. So which is it, 5-17 year olds or 10-17 year olds. None of the text mentions anything other than 10-17, but the pictures say 5.
  3. We've been having all sorts of problems with Sh*tdefender. All it's firewall malarky has started to block things it never did.
  4. DCC make SCC look like saints. We had a tree cutting down problem, DCC decided that it was their responsibility to flatten parts of the peak district and use road planings as the new surfaces.
  5. What? Nothing you have posted have anything to do with blocking ads. Internet speed? Wtf?
  6. I still can't believe there are people out there who still don't have a form of adblocker installed? What's wrong with you!
  7. You are going to pay through the nose. I've just picked up a conversion from a mate who does them on the side, and he was struggling to get nearly everything. Stuff that was here in the country was 2-3x the normal rates he usually pays, even vans are mental money, even the scrattiest of builders vans.
  8. And if you want to pass comment and get upset at someone doing something courteous to strangers, then go ahead.
  9. Just because someone has a reduced capacity to contract the virus, they're still perfectly capable of passing it on.
  10. I'm going to keep wearing mine after restrictions are lifted. I've had both my jabs. People are just filthy coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths/nose and generally spitting/spraying everywhere when talking. Why would you want to breathe that in. And if you're ill, why would you want to spread it about? Unless you're one of these "I cAn'T bReAtHe" idiots.
  11. That was just one example of a pavement channel. There are other alternatives where they don't have a cover at all, and the opening on top is the width of the cable. No trip hazard.
  12. Here's one option. Pavement channels. https://onelewisham.co.uk/2020/10/08/electric-vehicles-as-part-of-the-pollution-solution/ Cheapest and easiest option.
  13. I think that might have been a bad egg. Brother lasers are fantastic. So much better than HP/Epson junk. One place i used to work did something like a toner a month, but it was literally printing documents one after the other from 8am to 6pm every single day. For some reason, they used it to print the black/white catalogues.
  14. Reading back my comment, it seems I didn't make sense. Windows being the anomoly in that it makes your default account admin, and that is bad.
  15. Basic security, stop downloading porn and stuff from dodgy websites and you'll be fine. Don't give your day to day account administrative rights (like linux and every other OS) and again, you'll be fine. If there was such a big problem with Windows, they wouldn't have the market share they do.
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