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  1. "On Accident" it's by accident. "I could care less" when they actually mean I couldn't care less. Anything the yoof currently say. Ta also annoys the snot out of me. Any phrases that are Sheffield also annoy me, and I've been here since birth.
  2. There isn't anything worth visiting in the city centre, that's why the busses are empty. The out of town shopping centres offer more choice, free parking and more transport options.
  3. And not working/striking isn't? It's all well and good striking, but if you're affecting the people who rely on the service, you're not going to win them round to your cause.
  4. Why can't they adopt the Japanese style of bus service striking? https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018/may/11/no-ticket-to-ride-japanese-bus-drivers-strike-by-giving-free-rides-okayama
  5. I bet that's because your running an adblocker. I'm running one too, the blocked appearance gives me the impression it's going to be cancer with it disabled.
  6. Yes he is, it's literally his job title. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/your-city-council/lord-mayor.html First line of the Sheffield Council page above there.
  7. I feel like I've seen this somewhere. Or at least a cream coloured vintage car in a garage in S10. Pretty sure the Reg started XUM. Not completely sure it was an MG though as I could only see the Reg and lower. Didn't look in pristine condition If your registration document is up to date (address etc) then you would have had a notification if someone attempted to reregister it.
  8. I got pulled for using a bus lane on my motorbike years ago. Police man asked why I thought it was OK to do so, I said I was just following him and assumed it was OK. Let me off
  9. Same as what happens to cars. Won't make them any slower and buses are better maintained than most cars, so the stop-start system won't be an issue.
  10. Easier to fudge the crime stats if there's no-one to take the report
  11. http://www.autohausdolby.co.uk/ It's all they do.
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