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  1. . Can L charge a Consent fee? Maybe not. See s.19 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927. sorry bit confused do you mean you need consent but they may not ba able to charge for the consent? our solicitor has now asked the freeholder to remove the increase to the ground rent on the lease we are now waiting again for their reply ---------- Post added 26-07-2016 at 20:05 ---------- my husband rang the lease advice today about the increase to the ground rent and they advise him it could be increased it all depend on what formula the surveyor used when working out the price for the lease extension ? can this be right the lease says term 99 years (less the last three days) from 25th june 1984 rent £35 per annum
  2. rang the freeholder and found out the permission for the garage would cost £295 which we woulds be willing to pay the vendors are trying to extend the lease but the freeholders want to put the rent up to £135 anyone know if they can do this as far as i can see on the lease it state on the lease £35 for the term of the lease if they can increase the ground rent will it so increase the price when we are able to buy the freehold in 2 years so confusing
  3. does anyone know if it shows room for a garage on the lease do i still need permission from the freeholder
  4. yes i agree but if we can not figure out a rough idea of the cost it looks like we will have to pull out of the sale leaving us in a really bad situation we will be the only house left on the estate where we are as our houses are being demolished and we are scared to leave the house for fear of being burgled we have already wasted months waiting for a reply from coppen estates and having a solicitor who has not been much help to us and now i have to get quotes for the council for the solicitors and surveyor as they might help towards the cost as we are under redevelopment but that is proving difficult we are dreading having to find somewhere else as this could take us months ---------- Post added 16-07-2016 at 11:32 ---------- hi was just wondering if anyone knows can you buy the freehold if the lease has been previously extended does it make a difference to the price or do you have to wait a certain time before you can buy after the extension was granted ---------- Post added 23-07-2016 at 09:53 ---------- how much roughly have your charges increased in 2016 thank you ---------- Post added 25-07-2016 at 05:16 ---------- has anyone had experience with the vendor serving notice of claim to the freeholder did it hold the sale of the property up was wondering if you have to wait for a reply from freeholder before you can proceed with the sale of the property really in a desperate position to move and trying to work out the quickest way to get the sale moving already been 7 months with trying to sort out problems due to the lease
  5. thank you for your replies i did have a telephone appointment with the lease advice org but they were unable to advise me on how much the price would be to buy the lease and told me to get in touch with a specialist solicitor which i did and he gave me a rough idea but now trying to work out all the costing of the surveyor the solicitors fee ect but having trouble getting quotes i believe we have to pay for the freeholders solicitor as well as surveys for both parties also if we do not come to an agreement we would have to pay to take it to a tribunal we only have a limited amount to budget for this and do not want to start something we can not afford
  6. hello we are currently in the process of buying a house and are wanting the vendor to start the process of buying the freehold from coppen estate i have tried the link which was posted by jeffery shaw but unfortunatley it did not work to try to work out how much the freehold would cost roughly has anyone any ideas how to calculate it the house is being purchased for £161500 it has 67 years left on the lease and the ground rent is £35 per year thank you
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