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  1. It would be better if they kept their information up to date. Took us five attempts before we abandoned it and went to the local Childrens centre for some accurate information
  2. What I can say is pretty much limited to what I've said already, unfortunately. If the research fails completely I'll be released from the legal constraints imposed by my contract and if it's successful then, eventually, it'll be in the public domain anyway. Like I said though, it is fairly mundane! Sorry!
  3. Unfortunately there is a commercial element to the research so, although the actual subject is quite mundane, I am unable to reveal it. However it involved the possibility that certain musicians were playing on the soundtrack of a 1930's Film. Incidentally, the Broonzy/Haigh Tree information emerged while I was looking into the Fats story. The licensees of the Haigh Tree were apparently related to the landlady of one of the theatrical digs and often put up any performers she could not accommodate.
  4. The full Sheffield quote as printed in the magazine- "I will never forget how on a tour through the English provinces we were playing at the Empire Theatre in Sheffield. After theater is our usual time for relaxation, and following dinner I roamed restlessly through the beautiful park there. At dawn the birds awakened, and out of their lively chirpings one short strain stood out. I went back to the hotel, and by ten o'clock that morning, with the aid of some delicious Amontillado Sherry, we had finished Honey Hush. You see, it's fifty per cent inspiration and fifty per cent perspiration" Fats Waller Spelling and italics as per the original. I guess fleetwood,that in there is the answer to "why the Botanical Gardens?". At the time, one of the large Victorian houses opposite the top entrance to the Botanical Gardens was an hotel, can't remember the name of it presently, but I guess it would be logical to assume that was the one Fats was staying in. The general area seemed to be where the "theatrical" digs were. I know of smaller digs or boarding houses used by musicians and performers from the thirties through to the end of the fifties on Broomgrove Road, Gloucester Street and Harcourt Road, and George Melly, in the first volume of his autobiography mentions staying in digs "near the University". I have spoken to someone who remembers seeing a photograph of Fats being displayed amongst pictures of other famous guests in the foyer of the Grand Hotel next to the City Hall and very close to the Empire of course, but I can think of no way of confirming this. The evidence remains circumstantial at best so the question remains whether it was actually the Botanical Gardens. It's no big deal whether it was there or some other park but I'd still like to know! One other thing that does count against it is that, in the thirties a bell was rung when the Gardens were due to shut and they were then locked for the night. The quote in the magazine is as close as you'd get to being concurrent with the actual event and unless Fats went into greater detail elsewhere I guess it is still a mystery. Texas Yep, I saw all the Parker stuff and plenty more besides:). Things seem to have improved a little around the museum but it's still a tough district, "not one for a stranger to go walking around in" I was told by the museum staff.
  5. Hi there! Don't wish to hijack such a great thread but I have a little input to the above subject and (if at all possible) a question about a jazz club in Sheffield in the mid to late fifties. I was doing some research at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City a couple of months ago on a subject only slightly related to jazz (I am a University lecturer and occasional journalist) when, with some time to waste, I had a casual look through the archive for any references to my home town, Sheffield. In a late 30's Jazz periodical I found an interview with Fats Waller in which the above subject was mentioned. In his words the tune was "Honey Hush" and he wasn't specific about the park, although I find it difficult to imagine it being anywhere other than the Botanical Gardens, it would be interesting to me (selfish!)to know where that reference came from. (I took a copy of the Sheffield related part of the article and will contribute it here if anyone's interested) The other reference I found related to I think, Big Bill Broonzy (the information was not complete). In a written record of a radio interview he gave, he stated that he had performed a couple of songs at a jazz club in a place called the 'Haig Tree Hotel' in Sheffield and slept on a bench in the bar on the same night. Subsequent digging around in Sheffield has revealed that a jazz club ran in the upstairs room at the 'HaighTree Inn on Bernard Street from 1954-ish to 1958-ish. I have found a reference to Barry Whitworth being a friend of the proprietor and a further reference to Terry Thornton, one time owner of The Esquire club, also being a friend of the proprietor. Now I'm interested, when time allows I'm going to do more research but it would be great to know if anyone on here knows anything about events at the Haigh Tree.
  6. Volkszone thread update- http://www.volkszone.co.uk/VZi/showthread.php?t=536124&page=2
  7. Funnily enough, only yesterday we were talking to an ex meteor pilot who had been told, during training, that the drill for exiting a meteor was 'put your head between your legs and kiss your backside goodbye' and, he said that information was thought to be as useful as the official instruction.
  8. Thanks. I'll pass that on, but I think he's probably aware. He's just casting his research net a bit wider in an attempt to get hold of as much information as possible. I know he's been trawling through local newspapers, libraries and official reports but he's now after more personal accounts
  9. Apologies for reviving this but I'm helping someone who is researching plane crashes around the sheffield area and he would be grateful if anyone can add to or give information about the following- Bristol F2b crash at Treeton 1920's Hawker Audax (or Hart etc) at Dyche Lane late 1938/9 Handley Page Hampden x2 Concorde Park. One crashed, one landed & later recovered. Gloster Meteor at Frecheville as mentioned earlier in the thread Gloster Meteor at Treeton Republic Thunderchief at Lodge Moor Hospital and not in Sheffield McDonnell F4 Phantom at Unthank, Chesterfield Short Stirling at North Anston Many thanks
  10. I remember he lived in Worksop and had a lot to do with the church there. I used to work with his sister-in-law who was from Darnall originally but moved to Worksop at the end of the seventies.
  11. I've read them all and I've written about the CENTRAL issues. I suggest you read again particularly if you're a supporter of the 'two small schools' group. I have addressed the main points. Everything else being discussed is there just to cloud the issue and there is nothing new in any of it. Any student of history or politics will tell you- 1. In conflict, the first casualty is truth. 2. The skills a politician acquires on their route to being a politician make them fundamentally unsuitable for serving the voters i.e. they are serving themselves, not you. Your needs TEMPORARILY meet their agenda. 3. Those who forget History are condemned to relive it. I suggest you get some perspective on what is happening outside your own back door:)
  12. Oh dear, what a sad, sorry tale this is. I cannot believe that parents really wish to make their children so lazy and dependent. 5 miles should be nothing for an eleven year old to walk. My own kids travel 3 miles to school, on foot or public transport, it's their choice. By eleven, parents should have given their children the organisational skills to get themselves to school. People need to get themselves out in the real world and look at what happens elsewhere in the city, not clutching at straws by looking at somewhere like Cambridge which bears as much relationship to S6 as Timbuktu. To paraphrase someone else "What can you tell me of S6 who only S6 know?". Give All Saints a call and ask how far some of their kids travel. The future traffic plans for the area are going to have a significant impact on some of the arguments used- people really didn't think that the 'Park and Ride' at Malin Bridge was a stand alone development did they? and that, after the investment, it would be allowed to stand practically empty? Indeed it heralds something bigger which will knock holes in any traffic/ two small schools arguments. You read it here first, but you could always ask the mayor. The demographic of the area is changing for ALL the schools in the area not just the two in question. The schools need to change too. Even if Wisewood was rebuilt on the same site, regardless of how "improving" or "popular" it is, in five years it will be withering on the vine. On that site, it will be the least able to adapt. I think some people who have a heavy emotional investment in this are going to be very disappointed when some of the arguments used come back to bite them later. Put your efforts into the original plan. In the real, not political, world it's the only one that makes any sense. I've worked with politicians all my working life and if you believe they are supporting you, then in the near future you will come to fully appreciate the meaning of duplicity. The relationship is the other way around. You are supporting them. Worse than that really, you are just the means that they are using for them to achieve power. That is their only interest in this matter. The significance is in what they don't say. Anybody remember voting for a war in Iraq? I used to live in Oughtibridge, I have lived in Mosborough for six years. Until January my kids travelled 1.5 miles to school. now they travel 3 miles.
  13. I moved away from Myrtle Road five years ago precisely because situations like this kept occurring. The problem is that Myrtle Road is a thoroughfare, so it was always people on their way elsewhere that did the damage, which was almost always malicious, pointless, petty and costly. The only people who ever caught and dealt with any of the perpetrators, were neighbours. On those occasions the police ''overlooked" the punishment meted out. From around 1982 to 2002 I, and my immediate neighbours had damage done to our property regularly. Certainly, during that period it was common to find damage done to cars, gardens, houses every weekend. The worst incidents for me personally happened some years apart but on both occasions my car(alarmed/immobilised) was broken into and, unable to find anything to steal, the criminals released the handbrake allowing the car to roll down the road into other cars. The neighbours on Myrtle Road were the best anyone could have hoped for. Sadly the "people" who passed through needed "help" in all its variations.
  14. My uncle was admitted to a care home this week and one of the other residents turned out to be Joe Shaw ex Blade. He appears to be in a pretty poor condition:( . Tragic state for anyone to be in. Apart from his football appearances I remember him well because he had a shop near where I lived in the sixties.
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