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  1. Thank you everyone. I will probably call Morning Side tomorrow and see if they can accomodate her. I really appreciate the help, this has taken a big load off my mind.
  2. As much as we hate to, we're going to have to put our beloved (and rather elderly) cat in a pet hotel for a little over a month. I know there are bunches of catteries in Sheffield, but I really don't feel comfortable choosing one at random. Can anyone recommend one that is really good? On a related note, anyone know of any good B&B's in Sheffield that allow cats? Thanks in advance.
  3. My wife and I will be moving to Sheffield from Germany in February and have a couple questions about the process. We will be looking for a 2 bedroom house/flat with access to public transportation, reasonable rent, and that will allow our 13 year old indoor cat. We have the opportunity to visit in mid-December and were planning to use this to find/finalize a place, but the estate agent we talked to today on the phone suggested that this would be too early to rent for the beginning of February, which struck me as a bit strange. Any thoughts or suggestions to help our search? Also, if anyone would be so kind as to mail us a copy of the Friday Telegraph, we would gladly reimburse the expense. I will send contact info by personal message. Thanks!
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