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  1. What does it matter? We live in an age where people simply 'believing' something to be true, makes it true. Anna B, who seems to have a bit of a bent for these nonsense conspiracies, will dismiss today's conviction as some kind of coverup, which, bizarrely, will convince here even more that there is some kind of high profile pedo ring operating. It's today's mindset. Proof no longer matters. People think simply having their stupid ideas makes them necessarily true. Side-note: I posted yesterday about how it is always right wing nutjobs who believe these kind of conspiracy theories. Add this story to the list. I don't know why the far right are so obsessed with pedos and suspected pedos. It's all a bit weird.
  2. There is a community. Try contacting the South Yorkshire Filipino Community Group (Google them). There is also the Pear Thai shop on London Road, which has a huge range of Filipino food and there is always 2-3 Filipinos in there every time I'm in. There is also an active Filipino Society at the University of Sheffield. There is a very active community in Leeds also, with their own Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/filipinoleeds.assn/
  3. It was a Labour Govenment that introduced universit tuition fees. To which you will reply something along the lines of 'blairite, centrist etc etc'. They've certainly hoovered up my formerly conservative remain vote, as well as at least half a dozen former Labour Party members I know, all of whom have resigned their membership in the last six months.
  4. Why is it always the far right who tend to believe all the usual conspiracy theories? Flat earth, fake moon landings, anti vaccers, pizzagate, sandy hook. They are ALL from the nutty far right. Talking of conspiracies, where did the Tommy Two Percent thread go?
  5. The loudest representatives of the democrats are not running for President in 2020.
  6. Sadly there are many. But their anger over the EU insisting our great British kippers have the right kind of ice when being shipped (and not realising it was actually the British Government who wrote that rule) matters more to them than the greatest parliamentary democracy in the world.
  7. Im sure this has been discussed before, but was Theresa May's decision to call a 2017 General election a deliberate political masterstroke and not the mistake we all thought at the time? The 2015 GE delivered a huge Tory majority, one that would likely have had enough Leavers in it to push Brexit through the House. Did she know that and deliberately sabotage her career (and the government) for the sake of what she thought was right for the country by calling an election , perhaps sensing that she might lose her majority and, in the process, make a Leave Parliament a more divided Parliament? Ive never heard that discussed before, but is it totally impossible?
  8. The best thing about this is not so much the 17 who acted like adults, but the 30 or so (higher profile MPs) who abstained and who will of course do what needs to be done when the time is right. They include Ken C and Hammond. Who would have guessed it? The only thing stopping us being forced out of the EU with a catastrophic No Deal is a handful of sensible Tory MPs, prepared to put the country ahead of their own political careers. Good on them, I say.
  9. Jesus H Christ guys. Perhaps the first meaningful sign that Johnson will not be allowed to subvert Parliament and push through a No Deal Brexit happens, and you're bickering about European roads?
  10. I can't be bothered to read the last few pages. It seems to me a couple of the Democratic Congresswomen have been guilty of making ridiculous statements and likely hold some dodgy views also. But nothing - NOTHING - excuses Trump's comments nor the disgraceful chanting at that rally last night. The only thing that gives me comfort is that his base never grows beyond 40% but no Presidency is won on the base, and that every action like this just reinforces the opposition and gets more people out to vote against him.
  11. Huge development today. 17 Tory MPs and around 35 abstain to ensure Parliament voted 315-274 to block any future prime minister from unconsitutionally proroguing Parliament to push through a No Deal Brexit. The fightback starts, and Johnson's premiership will have to face up to the fact that an anti-No Deal alliance will not let him throw centuries of parliamentary democracy out simply to satisfy 160,000 middle class, aged bigots.
  12. In fairness, given a third of the UK population thinks that anyway, and given that Tory party members are statistically older, rural and southern, that figure isn't as high as I would have thought. I would also think it's worth speculating whether Islamophobia amongst Labour voters is an issue, or rather used to be before such Labour voters abandoned them for Brexit Party or UKIP. But look, cant we keep a Labour Party thread about Labour, and discuss Tory party attitudes in the Tory thread. Whataboutism is a weak argument. You can't defend Labour antisemitism by highlighting Tory islamophobia, or vice versa.
  13. The idea that cretins actually believe this nonsense is a damning indictment of modern America. Its cringeworthy embarrassing to see grown adults taken in like this. The stupidity is just overwhelming.
  14. I think you'll find most of us who find Labour's drift to the far left alarming, fully defend Corbyn's right to be able to lead his party any way he likes. He's made them completely unelectable, and that's got to be a good thing.
  15. Before I answer, are those your words or someone else's? As always, your position is to slogan-heavy simplistic. It's a process, not an event. Workers campaign for better conditions, employers recognise that happier more relaxed workers are more productive. Everyone wins. Work gets easier, employers get richer, more people are employed. Lovely jubbly. Yet more evidence that capitalism has built in defence mechanisms. Perhaps they have tried to speak with the leadership, but feel it has gotten them nowhere. So they have to do this to step up the pressure. I admire your loyalty TCH, even if it seems blind to me.
  16. I dont think it's derailing the thread to point out intellectual dishonesty and plagiarism, particularly when you compound your intellectual dishonesty by selectively deleting parts of the passage you plagiarised, but only those that refuted your argument. Do you do this often? Should we run all your posts through google search to be sure of whether it's your ideas or someone else's? Anyway, back on topic. Labour peers publish a letter calling Corbyn out for allowing anti-semitism in the party. But, of course, they are likely paid for by Jews, or are Jews, or Mossad or something . . . https://news.sky.com/story/labour-peers-release-newspaper-advert-slamming-jeremy-corbyn-over-antisemitism-11764719
  17. Uh huh. OK . You copy and paste an entire paragraph, and yet decide to omit the last few words which expressly state that the miners themselves felt they had achieved nothing and claim that's not relevant. Gotcha. I suspect you deleted it because it didn't support your argument.
  18. Rumbled! You quite literally copy and pasted that from Wikipedia. If you're going to preach to people, at least have the gumption to rewrite stuff in your own words. Oh, and here is the original quote from Wiki. Could you explain why you deleted the last sentence from the paragraph you lifted (bolded by me) while deciding to emphasise the bits that suit your argument? That's a curious omission, and intellectually dishonest. Perhaps it was an inconvenient truth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1926_United_Kingdom_general_strike "The miners maintained resistance for a few months before being forced, by their own economic needs, to return to the mines. By the end of November, most miners were back at work. However, many remained unemployed for many years. Those still employed were forced to accept longer hours, lower wages and district wage agreements. The strikers felt that they had achieved nothing"
  19. What victory does the Durham Miners gala celebrate?
  20. Putting the AS debate to bed for a while, my major criticism of Labour is their persistent framing of issues in terms of class struggle and historic battles. When i see Corbyn and his allies tweeting like crazy from the Durham Miners Gala event, it reinforces my suspicion that the man and his cabal are firmly rooted in the 1970s an 1980s and simply can't move beyond it. I dont know why? Maybe it's when they felt most relevant. Durham Miners Gala event? I mean, why? JUST WHY? There haven't been miners and mines in Durham for three decades? Why not organise a Norfolk Cottonweavers event, or a Birmingham Coopers, Cordwainers and Candlemakers Gala? It's just as relevant.
  21. £100 quid to a charity of each other’s choice ?
  22. Christ alive. It's almost as if they want this sorry saga to continue forever. Are they so politically inept as to think demanding the BBC removes it is a good stand to take?
  23. There will be an under the table agreement. He will leave, it will go quiet for a couple of weeks and then he will be annouced at St James. The man is without scruple. And what's this nonsense about Sam Allardyce? Why would you replace one of the usual 'bring em in, chuck em out' band of Big Sam, Pardew and half a dozen others (including Bruce) to replace with another has been. Be bold. Go find another Bielsa type.
  24. Yup. Something like that. There is a lot of raw intelligence in there somewhere, and he is certainly articulate. But the ideas are all over the place, and they are shared to make some kind of splash - look at me, look how clever I am - that sort of thing. But they've no deep roots based on understanding and experience.
  25. I dont think James really has these views. I think he's a young fella who talks and writes things without really thinking them through logically, onto to become caught up in the inconsistences of his position. Once he realises those issues, he doubles down and gets entangled more tightly.
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