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  1. Okay sorry for any unintentional offence caused. Let's just agree that they were low lifes.
  2. You're trying to make me sound racist, they were Pakistani thats all Im saying.
  3. Because some people clearly have their ethnic traits. I don't know why I have to explain myself the people doing the throwing were 100% Pakistani. They were some Roma standing on page hall I could tell the difference. I have Pakistani friends I'm not a racist but the best way to describe the one I remember medium build, maybe 5'10", Pakistani, as mentioned prior haircut where it's not much on side but some on top.
  4. I doubt a politician can fix such a problem, the root cause is bad parenting, lack of respect for surroudings, and being general low life with nothing better to do than be a nuisance. ---------- Post added 10-07-2016 at 00:09 ---------- Thanks I just did, I gave the time of the incident and description of the culprits, they said they will look into and check if any local cctv may have caught the event.
  5. Yeah but I'm 100% certain this was a Pakistani group. Not that that matters but i'm just giving an honest description.
  6. I didn't call earlier because I was in a rush to the hospital, is there any use me calling now (after the event)?
  7. Yes outside the furniture shop, I will definitely be using bolsover road next time. The men or teens were of Pakistan origin the one I remember who had a brick was wearing three quarter bottoms, and had one of them haircuts with hair on the top but not much on the side. Hopefully someone called the police and they got taken in.
  8. I was driving up idsworth road on my way to the northern general hospital and there is a group of young men / teens throwing stones at each other. Chaos! No doubt damage being done to cars and property. Be vigilant
  9. To be honest, I don't mind hat Amazon use tax loopholes. Never have I seen such an outstanding customer orientated company. I know that won't go down well but I feel they're so good it doesn't bother me, what they provide to me as a seller and a buyer is invaluable service.
  10. I make between 60-80k on amazon, when I earn 60 almost 20k went on taxes. Shocking
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I don't feel comfortable saying exactly where I live because I don't want the people to know i'm reporting. I will however report it to the police everyday that it happens, and look to contact the council as well. Thank you for all the help it means alot
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