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  1. Be aware that the bottom pond at carterhall is ' the carp' pond. All the large carp in the top pond were transferred to the bottom pond when it was first established.
  2. What about the top pond at Carterhall fisheries at Gleadless town End. A small pond that does contain carp but also quality ide and other silver fish ,the odd small barbel and possible small bream and tench. Booking only though ....Jill 07469256987.
  3. Acids...........................
  4. The Birley hotel and Sherwood on Birley Moor Road at Frecheville still serve Stones, and the Swan and possibly Queens down Ridgeway used to, but I haven't been down there for a while. ---------- Post added 04-07-2016 at 08:38 ---------- For example Andy ?
  5. I fancy having a stroll round the city centre one afternoon and have a pint while I'm there....trouble is , all the beer seems to be either John Smiths or the 'perfumed' real ale which I really don't like. I used to like stones and tetleys which I know I can still get in the suburbs, but I wondered if anyone knows if they are still sold in the city centre.
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