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  1. Does anyone knows about a venue I could hire for a private party? The ones i've checked they allow me to stay until 12:00 and i would like to be able to party a bit more (3:00 am ish)? Many thanks
  2. My parents are coming for summer with their motorhome. They'll spend a few days in Sheffield at my home. Last week i was talking to my neighbour and he told me that they were not going to be able to park in my garden? I didn't understand him well, but I think parking is fine as soon as they "live" at home. Can anyone give me more information about this? Do they have to park the caravan in a specific place, even if they are going to stay at my place? Many thanks
  3. Does anyone knows how to hire the courts at weston park? I though that it was first come first served but apparently you have to book it in advance and cannot find the site on internet. Thanks
  4. Does anyone knows about a nice african cuisine restaurant? A frien is visiting me next weekend. He is originally from ethiopia and i wanted to go to a nice african restaurant. Thanks
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