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  1. Siemens plans to cut about two percent of its global workforce. The German industrial group said 6,900 jobs will go before 2020 at its Power and Gas division, which has been hit by a rapid growth of renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. Siemens said roughly half of the job cuts would be made in Germany. A further 1,100 positions will be cut across the rest of Europe, and 1,800 in the United States. Meanwhile Siemens’ expansion plans for Britain will go ahead. It will invest the equivalent of 39 million euros at its largest UK plant in Lincoln which employs 1,500 people.
  2. Dont get too excited. 3 of the Rochdale grooming gang only served 2 years of their 5 year sentences and are now back living amongst their victims. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rochdale-grooming-gang-jail-deported-13057964 To make is worse they arent even british citizens and are now using £100,000's of legal aid to fight deportation. While the victims got nothing and are frightened to leave their homes.
  3. Not in Sheffield. Probably do in places like London, Manchester and Birmingham though
  4. He had a good innings. We'll probably see another African country fall into civil war and everyone will agree that dictators arent that bad after all.
  5. Or refuse to sell alcohol when they work on a supermarket checkout. But like i said. Anyone should be able to enjoy christmas and i thought the advert was nice.
  6. Anyone can enjoy christmas and if a muslims want to get into spirit of christmas then the more the merrier. People moan when ethnic minorities don't integrate then moan when they do. What really annoys me is when muslim communities say that its disrespectful to put up christmas decorations because it offends them. We should have more emphasis on being British that what religion people are.
  7. These look awesome!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bisley-Security-Burglars-Intruders-Galvanized/dp/B0049ACMC6
  8. Wouldnt it be great to be able to keep a 'Eastern brown snake' in there. or maybe hook the shed lock up to the mains power.
  9. Its just not financially viable anymore. Construction is so expensive in this country that the debt would probably never be paid off. To run a tram down Eccy road would probably cost billions.
  10. She was obviously smuggling them into the country. They weren't for personal use. So now she has to face the consequences
  11. Click the link below to look at the cameras for Penistone Road http://sccplugins.sheffield.gov.uk/utc/cam10.htm
  12. They have said that in December 2016 there were 16 people sleeping on the streets. So this figure has either increased by about 100 in a year or there are about 100 people who are not homeless who are taking advantage of people's generosity to buy drugs. I think its the latter. Like i have said in a previous post. The cold weather will weed out the genuine homeless and the junkies. Junkies wont sit in the rain and snow, they will just steal from shops and peoples homes.
  13. Wow. That is a very long walk. You should've asked the beggars for a £1 so you can get the bus.
  14. That is no reason to ignore totally everything that they print though. Its not the Sunday Sport or Viz. Since they have reported this story its become national news.
  15. Its not fake news. It is a proposal on how to assimilate jihadis back into British society. I dont think there is any dispute that British ISIS extremists have and are returning to the UK. The fact that you make a statement about 'a load of rubbish designed to make you suspicious of immigrants' says that your either very ignorant or burying your head in the sand. Either way the threat is real.
  16. The cold winter weather will separate the real homeless from the scammers.
  17. I dont see any of them drinking anymore. They are all on spice. Or probably a bit of Heroin as a treat on benefits payment day. They are all low life Junkies. Do not give them money.
  18. The police have this drive to clean up the streets just before the weather turns really cold. Coincidence? Some street beggars in Sheffield city centre are part of organised gangs duping people into believing they are homeless. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/beggars-part-of-organised-gangs-earn-up-to-200-a-day-in-sheffield-city-centre-1-8832158
  19. The NHS is amazing. I bet they do a million amazing achievements everyday to every one failure. But Look North seems to love to kick them constantly. People love to slag off the NHS but they dont know how lucky they really are.
  20. Miracle baby stories or the amazing work Nurses do
  21. I dont watch Look North everyday but i do watch it a few times a week if i am home at 6.30pm. It seems that every time i have watched it over the last few months the main story is just a report slagging off the NHS. Not only is it quite demoralising but really depressing. They should at least balance it out with a happy story. If i was a hard working Doctor or Nurse id be really annoyed with it.
  22. I guess the word is Trash Maybe as part of our Brexit talks we can agree to send all our unemployed to Romania to claim benefits. Not sure they'd be happy about that though
  23. They are too busy spending millions of pounds policing tree felling protests
  24. Colin Kaepernick signed a $126 million contract in 2014. America made him extremely wealthy. I dont take his little hissy fit seriously.
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