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  1. My dad worked there for approximately 30 years. Steve Rusinek
  2. Anyone know why Stannington road was closed at tea time? Saw police cars and then traffic being diverted along Roscoe bank. This was about 5 o'clock.
  3. We live up Stannington and got a very detailed letter explaining when and where the works would be carried out.
  4. don't know somebody's just put a pic on acebook asking the same question.
  5. who were your grandparents? i lived on minto road and my dad still lives there now.
  6. i know a lady called nellie challenger who's about 90 now. her maiden name was challenger and she said she lived on brough street
  7. does anybody know if the sheffield united v sheffield wednesday match on 16th october is being televised at all?
  8. anyone in S6 need an avon representative or just want to have a look through brochure. great bargains leading up to christmas. ideal stocking fillers! pm me please x
  9. ever live in stannington? which school/pub did you go to while livivg there?
  10. just been told man stabbed his wife 2 death in front of their grandson (about 3).
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