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  1. unless people are being insulted why close a discussion down
  2. at this stage all that is just crap,,,, and mod I was not being disrespectful to top cat
  3. tosh I agree there that the political class have shot them selfs in the foot
  4. Portellos comments on this week resonated with me, he said this was all known at the time, for political reasons it was buried, now for political reasons soldier f is looking at being prosecuted. After living with this for 47 years is it natural justice. Remember they were very immature young lads I was in N Irland during the now called troubles and could site a lot of experiences. I was in my 20,s , was a lot less mature than I was when I was in my thirties. Sgt Michael Willets GC of 3rd Battalion the Parachute regiment whos sacrifice inspired this song. by Havey Andrews, which was banned in the UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NpaT5LDFgM
  5. you could say the same about labour, they are in the majority of seats that wanted to leave
  6. At present no one know what will happen: does Mays deal get through next time? do we not get an extention and bag out? do we get a short extention? do we get a long extention? with EU eclection, the EU should be worried about this as i guess we would get a lot of brexit candidates elected is brexit revoked ?
  7. only 21 service men fired their firearms that day, let not forget, it was McGuinness that opened up on our troops with a machine gun that sparked it all off https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/mcguinness-fired-the-first-shot-on-bloody-sunday-280596.html
  8. I think it up to everyone to look how their MPs votes, and to judge whether to support them again. i know mine is doing his best for the mandate he got elected on. How many can say that.
  9. leave is not that far behind remain, but bare in mind we have had we year of remain propaganda
  10. 😀just bought 2 that seem ok just short of £40.000, got a Kodiak thrown in, one in each door.
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