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  1. Jenkinson & Marshall - dealt mainly with solicitors etc
  2. In the 60's on my T'bird - Wed night @ The Horse & Jockey to attend Hillsboro' MCC, Thursday at the Speedway then up to the Top Red (Grenoside), weekends at Monsal, Kiveton & other Sheffield pubs following the bands (around at that time), and of course numerous visits to The Smugglers - them were the days. It was there that I met a smashing lass, she lived (I think) on Gatefield Rd, Abbeydale, a true bikers moll who dumped me when I moved on from the T'bird to a trials cub - often wonder how she fared in life. I would add that I have been happily married for over 50 yrs to another smashing lady who conversely doesn't understand bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the response PopT - not aware of a Desmond in the family, White is a common surname and probably no connection - if any "White" is reading this post, I would love to hear from Margaret or Sylvia, daughters of Uncle George who lived on Colley Crescent.
  4. Can anyone remember the White family of 24 Grant Road, Owlerton Mary & George, my grandparents. (deceased) - George died 1944, Mary survived to late 60's. Children - Ivy, married Jack Clarke - lived in Owlings Place, Wisewood (both deceased) Henry - went to Lincoln (deceased?) George - married Winny, lived on Colley Crescent?, Parson Cross (both deceased) Fred - married Gladys, lived on Shepperson Road, Hillsborough (both deceased) Jim - my father (deceased) Norman - married Dot (have full info') (both deceased) Clearly I'm attempting to establish history, to create a "family tree" for all remaining family members, and would welcome any information. Regards ... John
  5. Yep - It was an anti aircraft site during the 2nd world war - my mother was based there, she was in the ATS, and with others operated the range finders for the guns.
  6. Hi .... If no one else has contacted you - Rod Pettifer lives in Outibridge, Roger Cannon in Leeds, Allan Parker in Tickhill, Geoff Rhodes in Dartmoor (not the prison), a few of us get together from time to time. Regards .... John
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