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  1. If Angel1's truck is a very large one and he wants to get his own back on the inconsiderate parking then perhaps a television programme could be made about this, and screened in place of the end of a Wednesday match. Just need a title for this episode...
  2. Saw some last week in new Chinese supermarket https://www.khoriental.co.uk/ It is the wood root, but sliced up!
  3. Olive Grove we have a problem. That's one small step for a man, one long walk home for Stannington-kind
  4. So where have all Sheffield's Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurants gone? Sai Naivas closed a while back, Masala Dosa Cafe didn't last long, the Dosa place in the market even less. Ramas Bridge is now Domino's, Two States closed, and tonight I find Arusavai and even East and West seem to be no more. Is there only Mavelli, or are there new openings?
  5. A valid point if correct, but wasn't Nick Clegg's son taken ill after the election?
  6. This is outrageous. How can there be 'back door subsidies' when buses haven't had back doors for at least 30 years.
  7. I'm a Christian. I want to apologise for the behaviour of those people who claimed to be speaking for my faith and my God last week. They weren't speaking for either. They hurt people. That was wrong and I'm sorry.
  8. Foodbanks really appreciate some extra treats like this for clients and particularly children at Christmas..... Hillsborough S6 and Crookes Foodbank, based at St Thomas Philadelphia Network Church mentioned above http://sheffields6.foodbank.org.uk Details of Foodbanks across Sheffield. http://www.sheffieldfoodbank.org.uk/ Look out for collections in many supermarkets first weekend in December.
  9. There are other cuts to frequency and timings which aren't obvious in the consultation leaflet. Even the 52 and 120 are being reduced with one in five journeys axed.
  10. Often West Street is blocked by taxis much of the evening. Blocking each other, blocking buses, blocking bus stops meaning buses have to block other traffic, all then blocking the tram.
  11. Could someone with technical knowledge of buses, GPS, Real time tracking, YourNextBus and so forth tell me how easy it would be for someone to fake a running bus on the system. Could someone just unplug the kit from a bus and take it in their car round the route? Or is it even easier to do on line? Presumably the bus companies can enter amendments, and have to log cancellations (or do they?). No accusations, not trolling, just genuinely interested how easy it would be. Ta
  12. They said in the process of obtaining one. Had just a basic selection of fruit juice and cans of Coke etc. I'm not sure if they are allowing bring your own. Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/sainivassheffield And just found website too: http://sainivasrestaurant.co.uk/index.html
  13. Went to Sainivas for lunch last week. Tasty food, friendly service. Looking forward to going back for full evening menu. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  14. Think there's a stall on Moor Market Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  15. Will First accept it on the shared routes where Stagecoach (paper) passes are accepted? How? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  16. Absolutely lovely and authentic food. Service a little slow - hopefully just some teething problems. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  17. Well done to Dominos. Shame on the Home Office and Border Agency for delaying visas. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  18. Isn't Elmwood one of Aldi's 'own brands'? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  19. And now the box is seal-ed Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  20. Well it seems many of the British public welcome hungarian shadow dancers and want them to perform for the queen. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  21. There's that one on Prisoners' Wives. Very good at removing blood stains and will also launder your cash. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  22. I'm sure there was a plan years ago to stop the parking and restore the square - anyone know what happened to that? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  23. Yes, there is a small grocer & off licence near Wok this Way Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  24. Where will we put the Star if all the bins are full? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  25. That is not correct. Your First day ticket can be used on either operator's 120 service. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
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