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  1. Thanks to both Jon26 and Markyspark for that info I will pass it on to my daughter. Just one question can you build that on a public path?
  2. Thanks Euclid, will give that info to my daughter ASAP. Just need someone to do it
  3. Thanks Mally Passed your number on to my daughter. Thanks
  4. Can anyone recommend a builder who can put in an air brick and the block up my daughter coal chute. She lives in s6. Also she needs an electrician, any recommendations? ---------- Post added 02-07-2016 at 13:04 ---------- Wayne number not answering
  5. I will ask her and get back to you, thank you for your interest
  6. No it isn't. It is her first house and doesn't know much about these things, and neither do I.
  7. Hi my daughter has just moved into a house on a hill in Sheffield The cellar is damp and is going to get some one in to sort it, but she has a coal shute that is open to the public pathway and so gets quite a lot of rain and damp connected to that. Can anyone give me suggestions as how to solve this problem Thanks
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