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  1. Just to say thanks to all you lads and lasses, those both for and against, for a great time on the forum. In particular, my thanks go to 'Hillsboro' for his help with many queries from myself and other forummers, and to the Mods for allowing (most) of my 'confrontational' content. Wishing you all, and our city, all the best for the future. Y.53.
  2. I think most aware people know who's into drugs and who are filling the prisons for this offence; can you just check that out for us ? Anyhow, I've had enough. Please don't take that as I'm giving in, I don't. Please let this drop now,it's gone on long enough. You'll soon have it all to yourselves as I'm finished this week. Good night to all.
  3. Point one. So, according to that, people who speak about multi-culture "in a certain way" can be put into a particular social class, can they ? 'Nobody will be helped and pain will only grow' etc.. Yes, but not due to anyone's anger, but due to accepting things as they are. Referring to human beings is being emotional btw. Who said they weren't ? We 'don't have to argue' and 'not get upset' and 'accept things the way they are'. That thinking is why we're in this situation. Point two. Do you think then that our infrastructure and services can cope with the ever increasing hundreds of thousands arriving unchecked, without buckling at some point not too far off ? Are you aware, among other crises, of the GP and hospital waiting times, which must cause some urgent health problems to develop beyond surgery when an early appointment cannot be got ? ( Don't come back with foreigners in the NHS, my annoyance is MASS immigration ) Point 3. 'It is nobody's fault this anger is there' you say? I'd say it's the fault of the politicians, the lot of them. There were other politicians years ago who correctly warned what was coming, if you recall. Point 4. Where exactly did I say that I feel like I owned the place ?! You'll be pleased to hear that I'm seriously thinking of packing SF in, I've been appointed Folk Father in a community of like minded Right Wing nutters. What's that I see you're about to write ? Let me guess ! ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 21:21 ---------- You've got drugs on the brain ( not literally, I hope ?). Can you give me an explanation of how an existing problem is not multiplied by adding to it ?
  4. I didn't set 'some sort of number' you say ? I said ' Maybe those who think things aren't too bad should take a walk around'. You're good at being pedantic, isn't the word "those" plural ? ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 15:43 ---------- You are side-tracking, the lady is perfectly entitled to her opinion of the area. How about an apology for your wild assumptions on my 'class status' ? ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 16:01 ---------- Going out now, I need some fresh air. We're all spending too much time on here.
  5. Where to start ! So, you say you've spoken to 'one old lady'. I also know people from my old area of Burngreave who say the opposite and would like to move. I am 'dramatising a little incident' ? You are minimising a worrying incident, thinking guns and people in hospital through them is ' a little incident '. And where's this inside knowledge of my 'class status' coming from ? You presume too much. I'll beat you into insignificance with my working class credentials; deprived childhood in Burgreave, steelworker at ESC Bar Mills, later-35 years membership of the T&GWU from Frank Cousins' time, still living in social housing. Who the hell do you think you are deciding my 'social status' ? ---------- Post added 27-06-2017 at 15:23 ---------- and as for my age, I lived through Cyprus, Suez and Sputnik, thank you, work that out.
  6. Of course it's insufficient that only one, so far, has taken up my challenge; would the outcome of any challenge to a group be decided upon just one taking it up ? I don't need to walk around there to know what its like now, the fact of the news reports and that this thread has gone to multiple pages says it all. I could say 'you get on your bike and go there', but you have grown up knowing nothing of how it used to be, and accepting it as 'not too bad' it seems. If you do go, I'd suggest one of those head-gear cameras, just in case.
  7. Have you noticed how most of these liberals and Marxists are living the capitalist lifestyle ? Many with good pensions and early retirement from the public sector, large expensive houses, usually well away from 'diversity', whilst preaching to the rest of us and hiding behind the shut-you-up legislation they are responsible for. Their mistake is that in silencing opposition ( universities ' No Platform ' policy etc. ), they have pushed debate onto the internet, some of which sites they'd also love to ban...as would the Tories it seems. In the streets, people are having to look around and whisper before discussing many issues. Though not as dangerous, isn't that a little like the position that the French Resistance found themselves in, whispering in cafes, the opposite of freedom of speech and democracy ? In effect, they've put a lid on a pressure cooker and gone out and left the gas on.
  8. My comparison was to demonstrate how things have changed detrimentally over those years. There was, as always, a political fork in the road back then, and choosing the MASS immigration, muilti-culture one has proved to be the wrong path, with many settled immigrants themselves now having concerns about numbers and infrastructure. Can you not see the day when you yourselves will have to say "enough"; I doubt you can, until it affects you personally, as it will.
  9. My point was that it used to be totally safe from concerns, a completely different world to now, as was most of the UK. You may well go a dozen times without incident, that doesn't change my point that today, the place is feared, and then it was just another part of town. My challenge still stands for the others, less confident, to go walkies there.
  10. This is how things have changed in the Spital Hill area. 1950's: Crowds queuing outside the 'Colly', loads of people walking about at any time, old ladies going to buy their pink Directoires and corsets at Bevans, shopkeepers buying their stocks from Dewyer's wholesalers, all in the full knowledge that such things were virtually unheard of nationwide, never mind in their own city. ( I'm well aware of the Mooney Gang before you start, but the fact that that was so rare is why it's still remembered. ) Who on here would walk through the area without worry today, night or day ? Maybe those who think things 'aren't too bad' should get together and have a walk through, preferably at night. Actually,no, not together, do it alone and report back here. How about it ?
  11. You first brought knee-capping into the debate, not nowt2pctoday. Why mention such a 'nasty' thing in the first place ?
  12. It was in reference to the post by Berberis who is pushing Corbyn but saying the opposite to Corbyn , that's why.
  13. Despite an estimated 10,000 taking part, this totally friendly and peaceful march was little reported. It was a march against hate and terrorism and included speakers from many communities, including a Sikh leader in all his regalia. No banners, flags or placards were allowed. The event brought together rival football fans shaking hands from the London clubs with wreaths and a minute's silence on the London Bridge scene of the attacks. This new alliance is wanting similar get-togethers elsewhere in the UK. If you haven't heard of the Alliance, there's a video on You Tube ( the best has the picture of hands together.) This is going places and is a non-political protest by largely working class lads forgetting their rivalry for the sake of some action against the threat of more deaths from terrorism.
  14. Well, the Corbyn supporting Socialist Worker site has a photo of Jeremy speaking at Matlock with the heading "Class, NOT age, is the key divide in Britain." The real cause behind this 'divide and rule' is the hardly mentioned banking scam which neither side focuses upon effectively. The older generation, through their work and taxes, raised the living standards from the shared outside toilet, the tin bath and the one cold tap and the slums of the early post war years to what it is today, with most also having fought in that war. The old, non-internationalist, Labour Party was at the head of those social changes. Now you are pillorying that older generation for a situation beyond their control, instead of turning your ire upon the international bankers who are laughing up their sleeves at this 'Divide and Rule' falling out. As for the young looking to the Left for salvation, the 'modern', internationalist Left is losing out with many young people due to their obsession with multi-culture and the rest of their Marxist programme.
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