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  1. Hello all fellow pedestrians. Since when was it ok to park on the pavement. I walk to quite a few places pushing my granddaughter in her buggy and I find in numerous places that the path is blocked by a parked car. The owners of said cars give me rather dirty looks if I am in their way if they are either coming on to the path or wanting to get off it. Since when did a car have the right of way on a path. I have phoned the highway department to complain and have been told to ring 101. But i think the police have rather more important things to deal with. No parking signs or road markings would be good.
  2. There is the Three Cranes on Queen Street good rock music.
  3. Hi. I worked in the office at Wilson & Co (Sharrow) from 1975 to 1987. They were behind Tesco on Ecclesall Road. The owners at that time were Mr Jeremy Archdale and Mr Mark Chaytor. The Office Manager was Mr Len Jones. There were three of us in the office myself Kathleen and Mrs Irene Martin. I remember Kitty and Archie from the packing room. Hilda, Ida, Susan and Grace put the snuff into its tins. John was the foreman in the mill. There was Tony Derek and a few other lads (whose names escape me). Mrs and Mrs Glover were the caretakers (they had a daughter called Susan). Mr Hogg was a rep. There was also Mr Arkell, Mr Scott, Mr Brookes and Mr Johnson. Mr Crowther the ex manager used to call in once a week. There was Ernest the odd job man. Mr Archdale used to go into the attic and add the secret ingredient and all the lovely flavours to the snuff. Many of the above have now sadly passed away. Great times. Great memories.
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