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  1. anyone know where i can get a kp4 for a 3000 series? one with the external psu and usb 2.0. everywhere ive looked is ridiculously expensive, ta
  2. Thats cos thats exactly what it is, and sadly, people fall for it
  3. Classics? Spiringsteen? that tom hanks aids one were ok but didnt he die in that one?
  4. its crackin if you live round here though and youre bored of an evening
  5. buying a mars bar in attercliffe, he had dirty fingernails
  6. im a big siam inter fan myself, always had a good un in there
  7. i keep doing some brilliant ones but super joey p keeps deleting them cos theyre not boring enough or something. what would you like to talk about, eggs?
  8. you are without doubt one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen
  9. hmmmm, well thanks for the replies, im still yet to find a grit bin in my local area and im getting really concerned now, if the snow comes i will slip and fall
  10. Hiya everyone do we still have grit bins in sheffield? ive not seen one for ages and im worried for in case the snow comes, does anyone know where the nearest one to attercliffe road is? muchas xx
  11. nowt wrong with a bit of smack me old ratto
  12. wavelength on london rd is the best by far
  13. staff are ok, but there area lot of funny haircuts. theres never enough people on the checkouts, theres never enough bread, its a bit scruffy, there are always roll cages in the aisles, the checkout people usually throw your stuff in the bags and break everything. its ok though, oh and its near my house
  14. ello, theres currently a problem in s9, a fibre break, techs are working on it at the mo, estimated fix time around 4pm. woof xx
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