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  1. Hello. Just as Love2print suggests - we a;sp think it may be LVDS cable (cable that connects screen with main body of a laptop). It can break because of simple movement of the screen when you open and close it. If it stays dark for a longer time, I'd use flashlight to check if you still can see anything on the screen. If you do, the problem is related to lighting of screen. Then it would be several steps to track down the source, if it would be inverter (if your laptop older and has CCFL lights) or cable only (fits both CCFL and LED). If the screen flickers more while moving the lid, that would indicate faulty cable. Thanks
  2. I use motorola 360 which I really like, it is based on Android Wear OS so its highly customisable and also has good functions and battery life. Thanks
  3. Hello, If you want great camera for video capture for youtube I would go for camera with changeable lenses, go for telephoto lens and decent tripod/gimbal system. You may want to go for DJI Osmo + Zenmuse X3 cam to capture shake free video on the move and use voice recorder for good quality audio then edit them both together. If you will only use camera at home, on solid surface you may want to go for Sony A5000 or A6000 camera, A5000 comes with good lens, but others are quite expensive and there's not so much to choose from. Myself I've got Nikon D5300 that I use with Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G DX lens and it's amazing. Sharp, detailed image at 60fps - mindblowing quality. In short. Go for DSLR camera with 10-30mm lens if you're going to film at home only, or go for DJI Osmo with Zenmuse X3 camera and good voice recorder if you're going to use camera on the move AND at home. Hope this helps! Thanks!
  4. Hello, Linux hardware support is really impressive. It should work with pretty much anything. I once managed to install linux on Android smart box which I bought for £40 from gearbest website. It was a bit slow but it was doing what I needed it for. The link to laptop on amazon you have on original post would run linux without problems. We also installed Ubuntu 16.04 on Desktop PC along with Mac OSX and windows 10 in triple boot which was managed by Chameleon bootloader. Basically , I think pretty much any new laptop should run Linux and it shouldn't have issues with UEFI. Thanks
  5. Hello gamezone07, If you have used good quality cooling liquid your computer should be ok, it may need wash off with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol solution that would get rid of any residue and dye (if you had coloured coolant). It became standard to use non conductive materials in cooling fluids since 2012, so you may still save your system. We have built several gaming machines in our shop and I always been testing custom loops outside the case whenever it's possible (unless its hard tubing). Good luck reviving your system, if you'd need any help let us know, we got custom/gaming/modded PC's specialist in house. Thanks
  6. I would go for Avira. Had been using Avira free antivirus for 8 years so far. never had any issues. Thank you!
  7. Hello, Lenovo Miix 3 would be a good choice. Runs windows 10, dual core chip, 32gb expandable memory (with memory card) , 2gb RAM, quite cheap. Laptop/tablet. Hard docking stations makes it look like proper laptop, also docking station has proper sized USB ports (tablet is equipped with micro USB only, but you can use OTG cable). My sister has it, loves every bit of it.
  8. Hello WasThatWise, Have you tried DFU mode? (1: Connect to PC, 2: Hold the On/Off button for three seconds, 3: While holding On/Off button, press home button, hold them both for 10 seconds, 4: Release On/Off button and keep home button pressed for another 5 seconds. Your PC should make a "connected device" sound and iphone screen stay black. Thats Device Firmware Update mode, in apple shop they use it to resolve software issues. Another way - Recovery mode. 1: Disconnect ipad from PC, 2: Make sure device is off, 3: Hold home button down and plug it into pc (home button has to be held down entire time) you will connect in Recovery mode (logo with cable icon should appear once Recovery mode is active) These ways you can reflash your iPad in correct and safer way After that do not forget that you need to setup your ipad, connect to iCloud etc, so when you connect to PC you could press "Trust this device" pop-up on your ipad (it wont allow you to restore backup without trusting device). After trusting device and restoring iCloud, it will overwrite your initial setup. Hope this helps! Thanks!
  9. Hello, It's common problem of any android device, we'd recommend to perform factory reset on your mobile, or find someone knowledgeable enough to install custom Android OS (custom ones tends to have better performance and battery stats). If that would not help, then you may need new battery. Lithium polymer batteries has lifetime of approx 600-800 charges so yours may be approaching it's end. hope this helps Thank you!
  10. It is awkward, although - high tech, prebuilt drones (DJI, Yuneec, Hubsan, Parrot) are often bought by people who aren't familiar with repairs. Let's say, construction of Mavic's gimbal is incredibly fragile, We've replaced ribbon cable, but the components and motors are so fiddly that you have to have a solid background handling small electronics. Our technician was building his own drones for years and he admits that home, custom built drones are quite crude, with rock solid soldering joints, large flight controller boxes etc. are very different from massively produced drones, and easy to work with because you dont need much precision.
  11. Those fans are not bad but I have used them in one of computer builds... They're not THAT silent... If you want really silent fans you should go for Nanoxia Deep Silence fans, nearly inaudible - 16.9db at 1600RPM. Lovely fans and pretty low price, although more expensive than Arctic ones. Thanks
  12. I agree with everything said above. The market is certainly over-crowded. Like Zach said, try to find a specialist/niche area that interests you. We are trying to differentiate ourselves by slowly drifting towards drone repairs.
  13. Hello, Check out zoho email. They offer custom email boxes for free (and extra features are paid of course). Thanks
  14. Hello andrejuan, You may want to use unstoppable file copier app running in administrator mode to copy all your files from one drive to another. The other way would be to clone your hard drive. You can clone you HDD to a new one but there may be problem of driver/base OS programs/installations support on a new system. It's easy to move files from one PC to another (pictures, music, videos , documents etc) but near impossible to move the installed apps. Thanks P.S. Also if you're going to buy new laptop I would steer well away from HP and ACER. They're well known because of overheating problems, even new HP Envy laptops was brought to us burning at 76 degrees idling. Asus, Lenovo and Dell's (especially XPS line) are the one's I'd trust.
  15. Hi, I would go for AMD (team AMD yay!) I used to have PC with FX-8350 chip (eight cores, 4 physical + 4 logical). AMD was unbeatable in price/performance for long time. This eight core chip had great things to offer when tasks were depending on multithreaded performance, 8 core + 16mb turbo cache memory made AMD the winner. However in single threaded performance even i3 outperforms AMD AM3 chips. So If you play games, render or edit videos/photos, I would go for FX-6300/8300/8350. A real bang for buck! Another upgrade that you may explore to improve speed to get SSD or SSHD as main drive for OS and other main programs. Thanks
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