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  1. That was I believe over 2 years, the saving being £800k per year BUT this must be understood in the context of this did not take into account the £250k+ grant to volunteer libraries, if this is taken into account the saving required I believe is £550k. £100k on policy officers was one example but this would pay for around 5-6 library assistant posts full time, many more examples of savings e.g. it's baffling there being no upper limit on agency staff spend (council confirmed this via email) & the agency staff spend is through the roof talking tens of millions. Sensible savings could and should be made, scrapping the subsidies for volunteer libraries would be just one example, the policy officer posts & capping spend on non emergency agency staff would be another. Could you tell us your interest in volunteer libraries i.e. I'm quite happy to let it be known I'm a library user not a member of any political party, just so we know where you are coming from ...
  2. There's no reason why volunteers would not be able to run these activities if libraries were restaffed, volunteers already work side by side with staff in the remaining council run libraries for example Heeley Development Trust volunteers providing IT skills help. If anything more volunteer time would be freed up if they no longer had to do the actual library work meaning more time for such activities. Would you agree the volunteer Libraries should be subject to certain minimum standards e.g. having to ask volunteers to declare criminal convictions & provide references. Would you also agree with the points in the petition which do not relate to volunteer libraries i.e. abolishing library fines and applying for external funding to renovate and preserve historic library buildings. The £250k was taken from the Health & Social Care budget , it should be put back into that budget.
  3. If it were the case that volunteer libraries were an inevitable consequence of austerity cuts then all local authorities which have suffered similar cuts to Sheffield would have implemented them. In reality Leeds has over 30 libraries still open & fully staffed with many open on Sundays and over Christmas, Barnsley also decided against volunteer libraries and has kept all libraries staffed. This points to the issue being one of how much a priority libraries are to the respective local authorities than funding. On the issue of social care, would you agree that the £250k a year from the health & social care fund which funds volunteer libraries would be better spend on social workers or professional library staff? Would you also agree with the points in the petition which do not relate to volunteer libraries i.e. applying for funding to renovate & preserve historic library buildings & abolishing library fines?
  4. That's a nonsense argument. Libraries provide social services/ care informally
  5. By axing grants for volunteer libraries (250k per year), Policy officers i.e. spin doctors (circa £100k per year) and setting targets for reducing spend on agency workers (currently in the millions and on the increase as far as I understand). Yes we do! And fair point re silent study Where this has been trialled it has actually had the opposite effect i.e. reduced the amount of books returned late or not at all Hotel plan has been scrapped. Funds have been allocated in capital budget for repairs but this has been put on hold.
  6. Because the No. 1 aim for the private bus companies is to make a profit. Libraries and buses should both be run in house by the council.
  7. In 2014 and 2015 Sheffield transferred 16 city libraries to various volunteer groups and not-for-profits, the result has been areas such as Tinsley having little more than a cupboard full of books as it's "library", falling book loans and a fragmented service. The Save Sheffield Libraries petition is now live, it is demanding a professionally staffed library service for all library sites in the city, abolition of library fines and refurbishment for the three most historic library buildings in the city - imagine having a library in your area staffed once more with professional library staff! The petition can be signed here, just click "Login or register and sign the epetition" and follow the instructions http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=10208&RPID=476656&HPID=476656
  8. Loads of scare stories being batted about would it really be that bad if we came out?
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