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  1. Thanks for your responses so far guys- appreciate the input. Just to be a bit more specific, looking for: - 1 bed flat - renting - £700pm rent pm (max) - close to train/ tram/ bus links Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm moving to Sheffield in March for a job relocation and I'm looking for recommendations on what areas in and around the center are generally considered desirable to live in? Looking for somewhere safe, with decent amenities (supermarkets, shops, etc) and generally nice to live in. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Halibut thanks for intervening- it's pretty clear from checking this person's other posts on here that they seem to have nothing better to do with their time but but post negative things and troll other users... probably best to just ignore them rather than respond so that the convo here stays on track and they crawl back into their lonely box behind their computer screen
  4. Thanks onlineo, very helpful feedback. Noted regarding your comments on profit erosion. I've done my numbers and have a maximum purchase price set which I won't exceed for that very reason. You mentioned a glut of new build flats coming onto the market and causing competition. Two questions: 1. Are these targeted at 1st year students (i.e. do 2nd and 3rd year students still tend to move out from these into shared accomodation)? 2. Which area(s) are the majority of these in?
  5. Thanks Pattricia that's particularly great feedback- factoring in the hospitals is a key consideration too. Cheers!
  6. Hi guys! I’m relocating to Sheffield to do my post-graduate degree and wanted to get some advice on where to live from all of you guys that know the area inside out. I’m looking for an area that’s not too ‘fresher-y’ and would ideally like to head towards the areas with majority 2nd and 3rd years living there (bit quieter, less rowdy, etc). Any advice you guys could give would be awesome! Thanks, Tony
  7. Thanks bluecanary, have been hearing similar suggestions. Do you have any thoughts on the city centre?
  8. Thanks Tavit that's real helpful! Two questions: 1. So would you say West One has transitioned into a predominantly student area over the past 10yrs since you've been there? 2. Is Edward St a no go because it's dangerous? Or too raucous? Thanks again
  9. Hi there, I'm a 30yr old young (kinda!) professional and my job have offered to relocate me to Sheffield city centre area- I'm thinking about it... I want to get an idea of the city centre area; are there many young professionals living in and around the city (S1) area? Where's a good area to look at living?
  10. Hi Guys My name’s Anthony and I’m a first time investor looking to (hopefully!) make a sound buy to let property HMO purchase in Sheffield. I want to buy in an area where I could potentially attract both students and young professionals as tenants. Any advice and tips on where I should be aiming for? Thanks, Anthony
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